The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has revealed that the new legislation to tackle bulk-harvesting of tickets by dedicated touts will be laid before Parliament this week.

Once activated, it would mean those using “automated software” to bulk-buy tickets for resale on secondary ticketing sites at hugely inflated prices will face an unlimited fine.

The full announcement can be viewed here.

Margot James, minister of digital and the creative industries, said:

“I’m determined to make sure everyone has the chance to see their favourite stars at a fair price. 

“This week we will reach the final stage in our fight to beat rip-off ticket touts using bots to buy huge numbers of tickets only to sell them on at massively over-inflated prices. 

“Our work, together with improvements by industry, will give consumers greater protection, make the market more transparent and help Britain’s live events scene continue to thrive.”

The action is part of a wider sweep of measures to tackle consumer abuse in the ticket resale market, including an ongoing enforcement investigation by the Competition & Markets Authority, enforcement action by National Trading Standards, and a ruling against misleading marketing practices by the Advertising Standards Authority.

FanFair Alliance would like to see the new legislation tackle all forms of systematic mass-purchasing, and commented:

“This new legislation is important, and we need it to be activated and enforced. By reducing the means of dedicated touts to bulk harvest tickets, Government can help recalibrate the live music market and give fans a better opportunity to buy tickets at a price the artist sets.”