Since 2016, FanFair Alliance has helped deliver major reforms to the secondary ticketing market

Who we are

Bringing together a wide cross-section of the UK’s music community, FanFair takes a stand against profiteering in the secondary ticketing market and supports pro-consumer legislation, technologies and business practices.

As an antidote to exploitation, we advocate “capped” resale – where music fans are provided with services to safely resell a ticket for the price they paid or less.

In September 2023, FanFair Alliance relaunched around a simple three-point plan which we believe would end large-scale online ticket touting in the UK. Read more here.


What can you do to help?

Music Businesses

Take a stand against the touts. Join us and sign the FanFair Declaration today.

Fans speak up

Been ripped off by online touts? We’re interested in hearing about your experiences.

Ripped off in the secondary market? Looking for a refund?

Download the free “Victim of Viagogo” self-help guidance

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How to stop ticket touts with terms & conditions

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A guide for managers to help combat online ticket touting

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Tips for beating the touts when buying tickets online