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  1. I live for seeing bands I love, ticket touts are a huge issue every single time I try to book tickets to see bands, often the practice prevents me from getting tickets at all. It also is sad to see so many empty seats at gigs that true fans could of had, if it wasn’t for the touts.

  2. I’ve missed out on so many concerts especially over the last 10 years because tickets have become almost impossible to get when they go on sale through legitimate sites (I’m not including secondary ticket sites because I regard these as touting sites).
    Even trying to get tickets through a pre-sale has become almost impossible, and when I try to go on during the general sale, I’m accustomed to seeing the “sold out” notification within 5 minutes of the sale starting, despite the fact the venues can be well over 10,000 capacity!
    I find it quite despicable that the government seem happy to ignore this most of the time, but then criticise touts when it comes to large scale sporting events that they host like the Olympics or Football/Rugby events.
    As far as I’m aware it’s not possible to resell sports tickets so why do they same rules not apply to gigs?
    Something needs to be done. Now. I fully support this initiative and really hopes that it makes a difference in changing things for the better.

  3. I tried to get Mcfly tour tickets recently. I was there on line ready at 9 am to logg in and hopefully get to see the boys again. It took so long to logg in and before I knew it tickets were sold out. Every date, every ticket. But 5 mins after the tickets went on sale they were on other resale sites at twice the price. How can they be real fans when 5 mins after they buy tickets they resell them? How can real fans not even get a chance but there arw suddenly loads on resale sites? For the first time I won’t see Mcfly on tour.

  4. I haven’t been ripped off but the Coldplay gig at Wembley Stadium was full of ticket touts on the approach. I hope this campaign helps to keep ticket prices at face value.

  5. I bough supposedly great view tickets on EBay several years ago to see Take That in Manchester. They cost over £200 each. They arrived months later as restricted view, face value £35! Out of time to get any help from EBay……

  6. I paid over £300 for tickets to Funeral for a Friend’s farewell shows in London that should have cost me £90, and then the venue and date was changed so I could no longer attend and there was nothing I could do to get my money back, if I’d have been able to buy these from a primary site with insurance, I would have been covered.

  7. You have my vote, the practice stinks and it is illegal in other countries. I have in the past looked at tickets and just refuse to pay the mental prices. I have seen tickets for £1000’s and I bet the face value is no more than £100.

    I know tickets will sell for big bucks for big events, but when they are the only tickets you can ever get, it crazy.

  8. I had to pay £350 for 2 Justin Bieber tickets for this year’s tour for my daughters for £65 tickets on a secondary site for tickets on sale AT THE SAME TIME as the tickets supposedly went on sale. Disgusting, if it was for me I wouldn’t have bought them but it was for my daughters so had to tip up.

  9. When trying to buy fan only pre-sale tickets for Jeff Lynne’s ELO Birmingham concert in April, within less than 5minutes, all pre sale tickets were sold; but I was redirected to the company’s secondary website, where I was offered tickets at approx four times the ticket price, along with several ‘package’ deals. However, I then registered with the Genting Arena’s ticket sellers, and was able to buy the seats I wanted, paying the stated price, two days later.

  10. Stone Roses at the Etihad 17/6/16 brought the tickets off SEATWAVE 😡😡😡 2x 139 standing tickets = £278 … Seatwave Commission £58.98 … Delivery Charge £9.99 ….TOTAL £339.97 …

  11. I’ve been saying for years that the government should just make it illegal to sell tickets at more than face value. That way touts immediately go out of business but if I’ve got a genuine spare ticket for an event because a mate can no longer make it or something I can still sell it on and get the money back.
    It seems like such an easy & obvious solution….

    Good luck guys, I wish you all the best

  12. I was hoping to buy tickets for a London show for The Shins, I kept refreshing the page at 8:59am (They were available at 09:00am). As soon as 09:00am hit, there were not a single ticket available but they popped up minutes later double the price on and Viagogo for double the price.

    Disgusting – sick of touts, resellers and bots.

  13. My wife bought some tickets to see Madonna last December. She visited the main ticketing site almost immediately the tickets went on sale and thought she was buying direct from the venue. It was only after the sale had gone through that it become apparent that she has purchased from a third party through “get me in”. The whole was completely untransparent and she ended up paying more than double face value for the ticket. A few days later more concert dates were announced so she could have easily picked up a ticket at much less gain. The cost she paid. I endorse any work that is being done to make this whole process more open as at present it is riddled with abuse at the expense of the ticket paying public.

  14. Bjork tickets for RAH 21/9/16 – face value £40 – £80.
    Three days after they went on sale (concert sold out in 27 minutes) Viagogo is offering tickets for £343 – £2,252.
    Venues and promoters don’t care as long as the concerts sell out.
    Ticket touts such as Ticketmaster say ticketing marketplaces “are dynamic and react to demand and the willingness of fans to pay…” Really?

  15. I am in the military, therefore am not often around for concerts.
    I saw the Avenged Sevenfold/Disturbed show at the 02 advertised and noticed I was going to be around for that weekend.
    I tried to purchase standing tickets at 9am when they went on sail via Ticketmaster but was unavailable. by 0915 there was 514 tickets on Getmein! (A ticketmaster company) this is obviously touts taking advantage, potentially through hacking and once again real fans miss out. Something needs to be done!

  16. I am a long term fan of Crosby Still and Nash and so when a tour was announced last year , quite possibly their last , I was keen to get tickets for their Hamersmith show.
    I had been notified by their fan site that tickets would go on sale on a certain date. I checked Hamersmiths website which confirmed this.
    Out of curiosity (and because I am a long term campaigner against secondary ticketing sites) I checked ViaGoGo and Seatwave.
    Both had numbered seats available for a show that was not yet officially on sale!. At inflated prices.
    Of course when I emailed them for a reaction , I got no reply , although Hammersmith themselves did respond and said they would investigate.
    As someone who has worked in promotions part of the problem with either having names on tickets or proof of ID is that at a big show this will cause major problems for venue staff and lead to long queues.
    Very best of luck with your campaign.

  17. I spent an hour in a queue waiting for advance sales of Twenty One Pilot tickets last week. within 2 minutes of them going on sale they were all gone.

    Less than 25 minutes later 300 were available on viagogo and other resale sites at 4 x the cost.

    I cannot afford those prices and now they are sold out but there are now 100s online on other sites.

    I am so angry that in 2016 this is not being dealt with. Elitist ticket touting should be illegal it is to the detriment of the artists and the fans and the music industry.

    I REALLY hope that you can make this a reality for the future and have limits on ticket sales and be named tickets only.

  18. Want to buy 4 stall tickets for ABC in Bristol, Getmein shows tickets at £164.94 per ticket, face value of £35 – disgraceful!

  19. I have been a Green Day fan for over 20 years so I was really hoping to secure tickets for their Leeds gig in Feb 2017 when they went on sale at 9am this morning (9.9.16). I managed to get on the Ents 24 website at 9:01 to find that all the standing tickets had gone. I quickly checked the seating plan & tried to get seated tickets but they sold out right before my eyes. So by 9:02 every ticket had gone. Same story on Ticketmaster.
    I am absolutely furious that by 9:05, there were hundreds of tickets available on Seat Wave, Stub Hub & Get Me In at a minimum of twice the official ticket price.
    I simply do not believe that these sellers bought their tickets via the official websites this morning & immediately relisted them. Completely unethical & I have to suspect that the official sellers facilitate this “legal” ticket touting.

  20. You have my full support and I wish fanfairalliance all the best in their efforts to halting the racketeering that has become rife with regard to resale tickets. Fans rise up and stop these criminals, music for the people!

  21. A friend and I tried to get tickets to the stone roses concert a few years ago. After 10 minutes of trying tickets were sold out, yet appearing on secondary sites for triple face value. I am sad to say this discouraged us from seeing live music until very recently as we didn’t think we would be able to get tickets. The lack of regulation is can absolute disgrace. I am so glad there is some hope that this could change.

  22. I tried to get tickets for my god childs b’day/Christmas to see Shawn Mendes. I missed 2 days of pre-sale on fan club site as you had to buy CD and other bits that I can’t afford. I was able to go onto 02 Priority thankfully but all tickets had gone by the time I arrived. Second Hand sites are now flooded with inflated priced tickets before the official release to the public!

    Stubhub is owned by eBay; GETMEIN by Ticketmaster – I avoid buying from either of these companies and their subsidiaries.

    Best of luck in getting this closed down!

  23. I go to a lot of gigs and it’s a shame to see rows and rows of empty seats, due to secondary ticketing. It’s very disappointing for fans and it must also be discouraging for the artist / band to see a ‘sold out’ venue that is nowhere near full.
    I have always used ethical not for profit websites / methods to resell any tickets on the very rare occasions that I end up with a spare ticket.
    I must admit I tend to not go to gigs at big venues any more, as I know there is little to no chance that tickets will be available at face value.

  24. When I queried the only website reselling Iron Maiden O2 Arena tickets – which quite clearly breaks the terms & conditions that IM are selling them under – this was the reply that I received –

    Thank you for contacting us.

    That is what is called “a walk in” event. The seller will be there on the day of the event, and will bring you in. He have to show his details. That is why you can buy these tickets.

    Kind Regards,

  25. Recently went online to purchase Clapton tickets for the Albert Hall next year. Was in the site at the time the tickets went on sale and refreshed the screen bang on 9.00am at the allotted time and found myself 3500 in the queue. Whilst I waited 45 minutes for my allotted slot I thought I would check the resale sites on a separate session and surprise, surprise there they were at hiked prices. As it happens, I got my allocation from the Albert Hall albeit I had to pay for the VIP tickets.

    This surely is illegal and I would be intrigued to know what Eric Clapton’s management team have to say about this rip off (which affects them as well). Perhaps they would like to comment.

    On a positive note I should mention David Gilmour who I saw last year. He hates this sort of thing. If you buy his tickets a photo ID is required to prove you purchased the tickets from the approved site otherwise you don’t get in. Well done Dave!

  26. A few years back now when Take That were doing their comeback tour I got 2 tickets for me and my daughter from Ebay to see them at MEN Arena, I hadn’t enough money at the time they went on sale to general public. They were 2nd row tickets, but cost me £300 for the two tickets, way over face value!
    I was so annoyed that I had to pay above the odds to get them and that greedy touts were benefiting and exploiting genuine fans! This should not be allowed, a law should be made to stop those touts!

  27. Hi, the effect I feel from ticket touting is not being able to get tickets to see the artists that I want to see, and this can be very disappointing for youngsters that would love to see their idols perform. I would never purchase from a tout and unless other people do the same we will never eradicate the problem.

  28. You have my wholehearted support. The majority of secondary ticketing sites are not “providing a service for genuine fans who due to unfortunate circumstances cannot attend the event they have tickets for”. They are simply facilitating ticket touting and making it almost impossible for normal genuine fans to buy tickets to see the bands or events they would like to enjoy.

  29. Here in Italy is always the same. Quite impossible to get tickets.
    I remember a lot of times trying to get a ticket from our unique monopolistic seller that is ticketone.
    it’s kinda impossible even if you are logged to the site at the right timing.
    As example, I remember last Lady gaga gig here in Milan, Assago, some years ago: ticket where sold out 3 minutes after the sale. So why on Viagogo there were plenty of them? I was complaining this on ticketone and livenation fb pages, and get banned only because I told the truth.
    It’s a shame.

  30. I would just like to congratulate AXS and Stubhub for doing their bit in the fight against ticket touting. Tickets for the Capital Jingle Bell Ball went on sale at 8am this morning, 12 hours later Stubhub has 779 tickets for resale all of which have a minimum 50% uplift in the face value. One re-saler that I saw is from Canada! Who decides that they are going to fly half way round the world for a concert, buys tickets and then cannot make it all in the same day!

    One devestated 13 year old daughter!

    The sooner that it is made illegal to re-sell tickets for more than face value, starting with the primary sites, the sooner this practice will end.

  31. I recently I tried to purchase tickets as a birthday gift for my 16 year old son for the NBA basketball game at the London O2 in January 2017. My son plays basketball in the National Basketball League North East. He is an avid supported of the Indiana Pacers and they are one of the teams playing in London in January.

    Travelling from the Northeast we had already purchased train tickets and hotel room and were looking forward to getting good seats when tickets went on sale.

    On the day the tickets officially went on sale we were on the primay ticketing site (AXS) before the site opened and managed to get into the queue for tickets. Although we could press the buy tickets button nothing worked. Within about 15 minutes all the tickets were sold, but then thousands appeared on all the four main secondary ticketing sites, Viagogo, StubHub, GetMeIn and Seatwave. Prices were between double and five times the face value.

    Although it pains me we have now purchased tickets (at about three times face value) from Viagogo even though we don’t know the seat numbers (secondary ticketing sites are supposed to show this information and also the face value). We don’t of course know if the tickets are genuine, or even if they actually exist. Viagogo tell us that tickets will arrive within three days of the event. We were also charged a “booking fee” of almost £100 on top of the inflated ticket price. I have screenshots of the entire transaction.
    Complaints to AXS and the O2 have been met with indifference – it’s not their problem apparently – which figures given that StubHub is an O2 partner reseller!

  32. I’ve stopped even trying to buy tickets for gigs which I think will be touted, and stick to less well known bands in much smaller venues. To be honest, I have found I prefer small club and pub gigs anyway.

  33. RE: tickets for Mickey Flannegan tour.
    Tried to book tickets for several dates the minute they went on sale. put in queue but sold out when put through 10 minutes later. Searched on google for said tickets few minutes later to find being offered for 4-6 times face value by ticket tout sites.
    outrageous. These are just legalised ticket touts who are also being supp/lied directly by the artists/clubs etc. they were banned outside events years ago but now do it online instead

  34. I have in the past been desperate enough to buy concert tickets from gumtree, ebay etc. I think the showing of photo at venues is a brilliant idea in principle, however it needs a few tweeks! How do you now buy tickets as a gift for someone else? There needs to be the capacity to put someone elses name on the ticket (at the time of purchase) other than the principle buyer.

  35. I’ve been either ripped off or preventing from attending many live music and sport events due to touting.

    What I don’t understand is why a harder line approach isn’t adopted/promoted to simply make secondary market trading of such tickets illegal.

    We don’t need it.

    If venues/ticketing agencies offered a re-purchase/re-sale facility (similar to the 2012 Olympics) to allow those who originally bought tickets for an event, which they can no longer attend, the possibility to sell back the tickets, subject to another replacement customer coming forward to purchase the tickets – all at face value – then we wouldn’t need these online secondary markets.

    This could be achieved by a combination of tougher legislation to outright ban secondary sales (as with premier league football) and simple policy/willpower on the part of the ticketing agents and venues to offer the necessary solutions.

  36. I always knew secondary ticket sites were expensive but never needed to use them until recently. I wanted to buy Blink 182 tickets, by time I got the money together standing had sold out so I looked on these secondary sites and ended up spending £90 for one ticket and £70 on the other ticket i wanted to buy as a gift. This is disgusting and it is killing thw music industry because fans cant afford to pay those prices. I wanted to buy Green Day tickets which sold out instantly so I checked the secondary sites and for one standing ticket it was £150 about three times the face value

  37. I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, and have been to 20 concerts. On almost all occasions, I failed to get tickets, despite being online at the exact time they went on sale. The tickets were then *immediately* found on ViaGogo, at hugely inflated prices. The prices are inflated by Viagogo just as much as by the reseller.
    I had a similar experience with Red Hot Chili Peppers gig – could not get a ticket, despite being pre-registered for the pre-sale.
    COMPARE FOOTBALL! It is illegal to resell ordinary football tickets, and so you never see them on Viagogo/Stubhub etc (except hospitality tickets).
    Why is it OK to rip off music fans, but not football fans?

  38. This is going on across the board not just with music .
    I recently tried to buy tickets to see comedian Russell Howard in Birmingham .
    There were ticket on sale on stub hub 3x face value the day before the sale .
    On the day of the sale the sold out sign went up on the cheaper seats within minutes .
    Bots had been used to harvest the affordable tickets for resale.

  39. 1. I am a huge fan of Mark Knopfler and David Gilmour. The measures Mark, in particular, has taken in recent years have made it far better for real fans to secure tickets at face value. 2. Generally, I have lots of experience of sitting in on-line Waiting Rooms, getting to the front of the queue at the perfect ‘on-sale’ moment, then getting absolutely nothing because the concert has immediately sold out.
    The most recent example was when trying to buy just one ticket, on pre-sale, to see David Gilmour in London. I sat and queued on-line, waiting for 45 minutes beforehand. All was well, but as soon as the ‘on sale’ time arrived, the site went immediately to ‘Sold Out’. It was not humanly possible for 5,200 tickets to have been sold in that moment! Obviously, some technological operation had taken out all available tickets. I immediately phoned the venue, then TicketMaster and SeeTickets; but they all reported that they were sold out. So in less than ten minutes, not even one ticket was available.
    3. I have reached the point where I do not bother trying to get tickets for many popular gigs. It is obvious that electronic hoovering up of tickets is ruining access to ‘live’ music. This is bad for the music industry because it dampens the prospects for new and emerging artists.
    4. I would far rather pay the artist more money and go through a complex purchasing process, than line the pockets of some anonymous profiteer with no interest in the music and no conscience. Time to name and shame the perpetrators.
    5. I am really grateful for the efforts all artists make to ensure that their adoring fans get to see them as many times as their finances permit.
    6. I would be happy to help with feedback on proposals to improve fans’ access to ‘live’ music.

  40. So I try to buy guns and roses tickets june 2017 QE Stadium via Ticketmaster who seem to be the official sale channel. I log on at 9.55 at point of release, pretty much immediately only tickets are up in the rafters literally at the back of the stadium, nothing in the lower tiers and seated in the the mid price range at all. Low and behold Get Me In the official reseller (seemingly associated to or owned or endorsed by Ticketmaster) has a a tonne of nice tickets immediately available. Mark up seemed to be between 60-100% now call me a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist, but given it’s a 40000+ ??? stadium don’t you think it’s a bit off seemingly hundreds of tickets are no longer needed and must be sold at a mark up literally minutes after sales are open? My wife a G and R fan since her childhood is incredibly unhappy and it seems the normal fans once again get shafted. Oh if you want a VIP box though get in! You’re good to go. Rock and Roll we showed em aye? I’ve got screen grabs of all this and it’s just so much BS it’s pretty obvious what’s happening.

  41. Every single concert and sports event i have attended is affected by this. Tickets that go on ‘presale’ to a limited number of people and immediately sell out only for tickets to be immediately available on resale sites. I have no issue with a market existing for real fans who have bought tickets and then find out they can’t attend, that’s happened to us all. Selling tickets to other fans at face value (including the spurious admin costs and booking fees) is fair.

    But for tickets to be bought solely to inflate prices and rip off fans is touting and should be stopped immediately.

  42. i went online to buy u2 tickets ticket master sold out..getmein had them at 4 times the price…disgraceful

  43. Five different friends tried today for Ed Sheeran tickets on multiple websites not one of us were successful. We are all livid because of course they are all over secondary ticket sites this is so unfair for the genuine fans and something needs doing now lots of people are making far too much off the real fans why year after year is it being allowed to continue you cant legally resell football tickets so why cant this law apply to concert tickets !!!!

  44. I bought tickets from Seatwave for the Black sabbath “The End” tour at the o2 in London. The horrendous disappointment I experienced when I, along with many others were turned away at the entrance. I was then told to go to their office in the o2 only to find it had closed down a few weeks prior. Their customer service was shocking, I will never buy tickets from seatwave or ticketmaster ever again!!!!

  45. Most of the time I’ve given up going to concerts because of ticket touts honestly what chance do regular punters have when touts are using bots to buy up tickets within 5 mins and some don’t even go on sale for real they go backdoor to tout sites and I’m not willing to pay tout prices. The problem for the music industry is that thier inaction on this issue is eventually going to cut thier own throats as more and more people like me when considering how to spend thier entertainment money no longer even consider concerts anymore.

  46. i tried to book tickets for various concerts most times within
    the first half hour of booking opening only to find all stalls seats being sold out the loyal supporters are being forced out with
    second pricing far to costly for ordinary working or pensioners
    being penalised for there honesty to society by parasites who
    it looks like the government continue to turn a blind eye to what
    a sad sick nation we have become.

  47. Tried to get tickets for Ed Sheeran at Royal Albert Hall Cancer Charity gig. No Chance unless willing to pay extortionate prices from secondary websites.

    We need to get a campaign whereby the buyers names be printed on the tickets issued by Primary Ticket sellers. Very easy to do and would stop resale. If a real concern ID’s could be checked at the Venue. This was done when we went to see Santana in Newcastle a few years back.

  48. Well done Fanfair, great to see people taking a stand against the touts. On the last 3 occasions I have tried to get tickets for gigs, Bob Dylan,Saw Doctors and Elbow, I have gone on Ticketmaster when the ticket sales started, on each occasion, tickets have sold out, but as if by magic,are available on all the main secondary sites,(Getmein, Seatwave etc) most of them owned by TM. I have tried contacting TM to get an explanation and they told me to contact Getmein directly, no response from them. I’m certain that TM, depending on the popularity of the act, transfer a large proportion of the tickets they have, directly to secondary sites,thus making it almost impossible to get tickets at face value. They’re getting away with the scalping scam because there is really no proper strong regulation to stop them. I have written to the Culture secretary Karen Bradley, her response basically was long winded, unhelpful and obvious that this government is not really concerned about the whole ticket scam/tout industry. No response from the Shadow Media Secretary, Tom Watson. Genuine music fans are priced out of the market by greedy unscrupulous money grabbers like TM and all it’s subsidiaries. keep up the great work Fanfair

  49. I have joined the “victims of viagogo” group as my son purchased two tickets for the Ed Sheeran concert in Manchester April 23rd believing he was paying £158. As the breakdown page didn’t show due to a “glitch” he was billed £434 – not really affordable to an 18yr old. I have contacted them by e-mail with the following:

    Dear Viagogo,

    On 2nd February 2017, my son bought 2 tickets for the Ed Sheeran Concert in Manchester on 23rd April 2017 as a birthday gift for his girlfriend.

    He was led to believe that the total cost of the tickets would come to a total of £158.40. No sale breakdown appeared when this figure was provided. Only after having completed the purchase and having received the confirmation did he discover that the total price of the tickets came to £434.75.

    Your company, Viagogo, stated that there was a glitch on the system during the point of purchase, meaning that the full price that would have been paid was not displayed. This led to the prices being completely misleading. Moreover, the total price was not clear at all during the purchase process, he was never shown a full break down of the costs and the words ‘no hidden fees’ was shown – which is clearly untrue.

    In addition, you failed to advise the “face value” of the tickets prior to the purchase and, in your confirmation e-mail, have failed to disclose the precise location of the seats as no seat number has been disclosed.

    The impact of this ‘glitch’ has of course left me very distressed by this issue, and in addition, my son has been extremely concerned that, firstly he will not have the birthday gift for his girlfriend that he had saved up for and, secondly, that he may lose all of his savings. I have also had no luck trying to contact your customer service team and I’ve had unsatisfactory standard responses to emails sent. My first e-mail made it very clear that you were to communicate directly with me, not my son, and you have made no further attempt to try and rectify the situation. The only contact you have made is to say that my e-mail address does not show any record of a purchase.

    I am fully aware of my rights and that under the Consumer Rights Act (2015), buyers must be told the original face value of any tickets being resold and the seat numbers – these rules have clearly been breached.

    I have managed to find and speak to a very large number of people who have also encountered the exact same issue, a number of whom have been refunded, specifically Claire Turnham. We have formed a support group and our stories are all currently being passed on to the media including The Sun Newspaper, the Guardian and the BBC.

    To finalise this matter will you please confirm that you will provide a refund in full for the Ed Sheeran Tickets.
    If there is no response to my email, then I will be contacting The Trading Standards and will also contact The Financial Ombudsman, My order number is 8977263 and the e-mail used to purchase was

    I re-iterate, all communication needs to be with me and not by son who has already suffered enough distress in this matter.

    With him having had an e-mail, I changed the account settings and sent the following which has attached proof of other refunds made to purchases from that day.

    Good Morning,

    I am e-mailing you again as my faith in your ability to respond appropriately is waning rather quickly. I have already provided you with document number 1 and am now providing further evidence that you have acted upon complaints made by a fellow group of victims who purchased tickets on the same day that your so called “glitch” appeared.

    This is some “glitch” given that when I had a look at your site today the same thing happened. Good job I’m aware of it or I could be in the same position.

    As previously advised, these tickets were purchased by my 18yr old son as a birthday gift that has gone horribly wrong. I have changed the e-mail address on the account and added my telephone number as the secondary contact. Under no circumstances should you make any attempt to contact him. With regards to the refund, I am happy for you to contact me and I will provide any details required – I repeat, do not contact him.

    In addition to the list of copied media representatives, these documents have also been provided to my local Trading Standards office and other high ranking figures who will investigate further.

    Gareth Skillander

  50. Tried to book Drake tickets for Birmingham, ELO tickets for anywhere to avail. Sold out in 5 minutes!! Sent link to secondary site where tickets were 4 times the price.

  51. I tried to book two tickets for an U2 concert in the UK in July through the Viagogo UK website. When I was booking my tickets for the U2 concert on Sunday the 09th of July, I was offered tickets with a price of £128.50 each. I chose to buy two and the next thing I know my screen clicks over twice and I am in the Viagogo Swiss page, and have been billed for Euros 800 + for the same two tickets. I contacted my bank immediately and they said I must deal with you directly, first. I then tried to cancel the tickets and seek a refund and was told that I would not be able to and the story you have told me below was repeated to me. I was bemused when I was offered less than half of what I had paid, with additional ‘administration and handling costs’ to be paid to Viagogo if I sold the tickets. Talk about adding insult to injury.

    What I do understand is with regard to being an ethical company and doing the right thing. I am also aware of their need as a business to generate profits, however not at cost of defrauding a customer, and this is why I do not understand or accept their explanation that they will not refund me my money. I am aware of this ‘glitch’ that they had in their system and I am also aware of a number of people who have been refunded their money.

    I am fully aware of my rights and that under the Consumer Rights Act (2015), buyers must be told the original face value of any tickets being resold and the seat numbers – these rules have clearly been breached. Moreover, the Viagogo t&cs (2.4) states that buyers should be provided with seat details including, row and block number. These have not been complied with.

    I have managed to find and speak to a very large number of people who have also encountered the exact same issue, a number of whom have been refunded. We have formed a support group and our stories are all currently being passed on to the media including The Sun Newspaper, the Guardian and the BBC.

    I have therefore asked for a full refund for these tickets of Euro 835.55.

  52. This is all about money and greed. The primary ticket companies may make a small profit selling a ticket but this can be huge for a resale.

    This has nothing to do with providing people a means to offload unwanted tickets – just look at the huge numbers available on resale sites moments after they go on sale. This is big business that has been allowed to go on too long and it needs to be outlawed. Self regulation will never work when such huge amounts of money are involved.

    It is not the only resale sites themselves that are the problem, but the industry that wants a slice of the huge sums involved. Ticketmaster owns Getmein and Seatwave. AEG owns The O2, which is proud to state on its website “The O2’s box office ticketing platform ‘’ is integrated with StubHub”, apparently “providing an innovative service for our customers”. These companies don’t try to hide this, they just try to make us believe they are providing a “service” for our benefit.

    While this disgraceful practice is allowed to continue these companies will carry on legally ripping off the ticket buying public. Unfortunately I hold little faith that the government will do anything about it.

  53. I tried to but Coldplay tickets for Cardiff, Phil Collins tickets in London, and Adele tickets in UK, when they went on general sale months ago, but although I logged in to try and buy tickets at the very second they went LIVE, I didn’t get a ticket for any concert.
    I have been trying to buy tickets for Coldplay since via Gumtree but feel professional dealers are inflating prices ridiculously and the prices seem set between them all.
    £72 tickets appear regularly for between £150 and £190, and there is no attempt to discount. Often touts have six, eight or ten tickets available. I asked one if they could get more than ten they said that they could if required.
    It is a scam and it is putting me off trying to buy tickets again.
    I get the impression that they would prefer not to sell them rather than discount them.

  54. I am regularly frustrated by not being able to purchase tickets, despite being given a heads up by bands such as Radiohead and Bjork. Loging on to a site and waiting and waiting only to find all the tickets have gone in less than 10 minutes. These tickets then start appearing on websites almost immediately, with incredible mark ups.
    Why should companies and individuals profit from this scandalous abuse? What are the government going to do about it…very little as we have already seen.
    Also, the booking fees and charges for collection are a joke – why should I be charged for collecting MY tickets from a venue?

  55. Recently attempted to buy London tickets to J.Cole. There were 2 presale events and 1 general release. on both pre-sale events, despite registering early, standing tickets had completely sold out within 2-3 minutes leaving only poor upper tier seats.

    O2 presale was the earlier – i tried viagogo and would you look at that? standing tickets were being sold at almost twice the price. Banning bots is not enough – there needs to be a restriction on no resale until at least 14/28 days before event. And a full investigation into powerseller link to ticket sellers and their own resale sites.

  56. I purchased ed sheeran tickets on 31/01/17 on viagogo website. It came up x4 tickets £262.99. I thought that’s about right purchasing at around £70 each so proceeded and to my horror a congratulations on your purchase of 4 ed sheeran tickets £1421.37. I haven’t been able to contact via email or contact number which is an automated service to buy and sell tickets nothing else. My bank in which I opened a dispute replied they are sorry on this occasion they couldn’t help as insufficient evidence as to being overcharged. I’ve joined a group called victums if viagogo in which there are lots more like me. Can I please have some help of any kind would be grateful. This should not happen. It is a very misleading site. No way if they had the final amount in which you are actually paying they definitely wouldn’t sell any tickets and that’s how they are conning people like myself ..please help

  57. I bought a ticket from getmein, they charged me double the original ticket price and also an additional £10 for standard UKrecorded delivery which should have been a quarter of that price, and that’s a so called “official” website!
    I was considering going to see Tom Petty this summer via proper ticket sites at £69 but additional costs added made it £84 (admin, booking fee, postage, etc!). I’m just sick of both touts AND official websites taking the average punter for all we have.
    For resale why not just make it illegal to sell more than the cover price and for standard sale just include the costs into the ticket rather than dumping phantom expenses on the unsuspecting punter?
    I should add, btw, that adding platinum, gold, silver, bronze, circles to every gig now is just ridiculous.

  58. I booked 2 tickets to see James Arthur for my daughters birthday present. The tickets were priced at £45 I think but I ended up laying over £126 each! I used to love going to gigs but no it’s almost impossible to get them at face value. It’s ridiculous as the touts earn more than the artists. What’s fair in that

  59. I’ve been trying for a week now to get tickets to an ed sheeran concert for either of his shows in Toronto. I had the opportunity for both presale and general sale unfortantly always sold out within minutes. What frustrates me is how I now find the tickets even for his show that hasn’t gone on general sale already for sale on second websites. Like stubhub. What really kills me tho is those tickets are ranging in price from 223-1300 dollars. sorry 1300 for a ticket that cost 116 when bought on ticket master is ridiculous. I find this whole situation extremely frustrating and unfair. How is any person suppose to afford those tickets? I really wish something would get done about this making this whole experiance once again fun and exciting instead of the heartbreak and frustration you go threw.

  60. Attempted to obtain tickets for the forthcoming London U2 performances via Ticketmaster.
    Was on Ticketmaster when the tickets went on sale. After 20 minutes of trying, a secondary box appeared on my screen. This was promoting ‘Get Me In’ which I gather is some sort of Ticketmaster subsidiary.
    The secondary screen was now advertising U2 tickets at three or four times the cost of those on Ticketmaster.
    People were obviously buying from Ticketmaster and immediately selling at grossly inflated prices.
    My experiences over the last year or so suggest that this is at epidemic levels where it is almost impossible to buy big gig tickets at face value prices.
    Time for our government to regulate the industry.
    Pretty ironic that even on this website I’m having to tick boxes that I’m not a robot and fill in boxes where street signs appear before I can submit this response. The world is going mad!!!!!

  61. I had horrible experience with Viagogo. I paid the ticket 2x the face price, even the last info on the day of the show kept indicating a wrong location. If not thanks to a more accurate information collected by chance in the meantime, I’d easily missed the gig. The email sent to viagogo customer service returned as not deliverable. I tried to write a negative review on trustpilot and the button for sending it was strangely not in the page, so just more frustration added. If I’ll find a way to report to authorities the scam perpetrated by those 21st century thieves sure I’ll do. In the meantime if you can do something to avoid other give to those scammers their hard earned money I’ll be just happy. Thanks

  62. So frustrated. I bought some Steps tickets for my two sisters and niece from Get Me In for £78 each with booking fee and delivery the three tickets came to £274.15. Tickets arrived and they say £41.25 on the actual ticket. Not sure what I can do but feel totally ripped off. Get Me In say they display the original ticket price at the checkout but I don’t recall seeing that or it would have raised alarm bells. I’m wondering if my credit card company can do anything about it.

  63. Bought 2 tickets from Viagogo for Adele, cost £340 but on confirmation email was charged another £125 without my permission. No knowledge of these extra charges!!
    Have spent hours emailing, calling & researching how to get my money back.
    What a bunch of crooks Viagogo are – I am now completing country court claim against Viagogo & my credit card company is investigating my case.

  64. I have just paid £717 for 3 tickets for metallica from viagogo, tickets arrived with a name on them rang Manchester arena who said the lead booker must produce ID, explained I bought them from this ticket site they advised me to contact them, tried to, no response as yet, they say on their site that even if there is a name on the tickets, they are still valid and entry to the venue won’t be a problem!

  65. Was online at 9am on the dot when tickets went on sale. Direct through the venue sold out, no chance. After looking through other sites i saw tickets on sale through viagogo for £75…original ticket price was £13, nearly 6 times the price!! And of course the band gets none of this. Sick of this scam.

  66. I don’t doubt all the oft-mentioned issues with touts but I wonder whether the situation would be improved by simply releasing tickets on a Saturday or Sunday? They’re invariably released on a weekday, when I suspect most potential purchasers are at work. Gives the touts much better chance for hoovering-up the tickets.

  67. i logged onto both the Paul Weller & the Kraftwerk site for tickets & they were sold out in 20 minutes, i had a look on these leeches(thats what i call these touts) websites & they had at least 30 tickets for both artists within 20 minutes of them going on sales, i believe that they set up about 50 PC’s & get the tickets just so they can ripped people off.
    I took screen shots & the time & reported this to Watchdog at the time, it shouldn’t be allowed

  68. I stopped trying to get tickets many years ago thanks to inflated prices. I want to support many artists but not the people taking advantage of reselling tickets. The latest example (and totally a one of example) of this is for Metallica in Manchester, which I tried to buy for my wife’s birthday. I bit the bullet and made an attempt to pick up tickets upon general release…Totally sold out; plenty available online at third party ticket sites.

  69. I brought two tickets to see Rag n Bone man in O2 Academy Bristol for the 18th April 2017. I purchased them via Viagogo at £37.73 each. I didn’t not realise there was £21.45 booking fee plus £4.95 handling charge plus usual VAT. Is booking fee and handling charge not the same ? When the tickets were printed from the email attachment the face value was £14.50 with £1.81 service charge. Someone somewhere is making a lot of money with extortionate service charges.

  70. I wanted to buy a ticket to see Queen and Adam Lambert live in Glasgow in December, my dad was waiting for the sales to open at 10am but by 10.05am all of the standing tickets were gone. I’ve wanted to see Queen since I was about seven and now I don’t know if I’ll ever see them live. Gutted.

  71. My husband ,today 25 April, bought 2 tickets for Father Joan Misty, Nov 7th in London via Viagogo. When he reached the payment screen an extra booking charge had been added and he paid nearly £300 in total for 2 tickets. I have checked with the venue itself and the tickets are not on sale until Friday 28th – venue suggest Viagogo are ‘being presumptuous”. I do not believe that it is legal to sell items you do not have and also believe they should not be selling tickets without showing their original face value. I have now gone onto their site and made a ‘fake’ booking collecting photo evidence that showing their tactics . Any advice please? Cannot find a tele no for Viagogo oon their site which also states that they are unable to cancel orders…again, highly unusual!
    We have contacted our bank but they are unabe to stop the payment. Many thanks

  72. As a seasoned concert attendee and ticket purchaser i bought 4 tickets for the ed sheeran concert at the O2 in London for May 1 2017 through viagogo. As my purchase automatically sent me to this website I was completely misled about the price – i though i was buying 4 tickets for £307 plus the charges for shipping etc however somehow with no pressing buttons by me i ended up paying Total £1347.00….
    you can’t imagine my shock and horror – £1000 more than i intended to pay for these tickets.

    The tickets have since arrived via UPS and the ticket price is £75 + £1.75

    My worry is that these are not genuine tickets and we will be turned away from the O2

    WHAT SHOULD I DO???????

  73. WARNING!!
    DO NOT use viagogo to buy tickets to anything! I didn’t realise until after i did they are a scam site! I was charged $136 in booking fees for tickets i purchased and not informed id be charged them either!
    They will not give me a refund and from what i can see of others who have fallen victim, i wont get one! I also havnt even been sent my tickets, i recieved an email to say i am guaranteed to receive them at least 3 days before the event. I then found out they arent even on sale yet (through legitimate sites) so they have effectively sold me (ripped off) something they dont even have yet! Please share! Ahhhh im furious 😡…. #scam #tickets #onlinetickets #viagogo #monsterjamtickets

  74. I’ve been charged 223€ for 2 tickets to see Ludovico Einaudi next September while the real value is only 80€ and there are lots of available tickets in other websites. Viagogo didn’t advise me of what I was buying, couldn’ t choose the seats and charged me over 60€ of booking fee without prior notice. THIS IS A FRAUD AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK! Please help me and let me know what I can do to help others not to be robbed as well!

  75. HELP !
    I have purchased tickets for Cliff Richard Concert at Lincoln Castle 24th June,
    The tickets were bought online with Viagogo and I have now printed them off and they contain a name other than mine.
    They cost me a lot of money.
    Am I going to be able to get into the concert?
    If you cant help please can you suggest who might.
    I cannot contact Viagogo with my question.

    Betty (life long Cliff fan.)

  76. Add my vote. I bought tickets to Rammstein via Viagogo site and the tickets never came. I travelled all the way from Asia to Europe only to be let down.

  77. I’ve just bought two tickets to the Gorillaz Budapest event. Unfortunately I liked a fake event on Facebook, at first titled as “official”. This event was created by, which has a Facebook page specified for this kind of scam.

    I’ve got notification about “Tickets available” which led to ViaGogo. They wanted to charge my card 130€ for the two tickets, I gave my card’s details then it charged with 190€. The exact amount was never visible before writing my credit card details on the mobile site.

    I’m desperately trying to contact their support but the only thing I’ve got so fare is standard copy-paste messages. When I saw the tickets I’ve almost had a heart attack: those were standard 30€ tickets from the official ticket office. Also, the tickets are invalid, and they’ve told me that if I check the validity of my tickets and those are being voided because of this, than it is my fault. Nonsense.

    Meanwhile they’ve updated the site and now at least they are writing the exact amount with handling fee and TAX, but this behaviour is absolutely unacceptable.

    ViaGogo has a London-based office and domain, the company which selling the tickets is signed in Switzerland and the transaction has fulfilled in Hungary. No lawyer can do anything about this.

    I want my money back, but they won’t give me, so I’m going to sue and report at the local police office.

    Any help is welcome. Thanks.

  78. I have to say, the WORST experience I have had was trying to book tickets to U2 for this year. Disgusting behaviour that we could not get tickets when I was literally online, on the phone etc bang on 9am and eight minutes later they were already on ticketmaster sister site for double the price. For a band that are so into charity work they should be doing their best to avoid these type of incidents.

  79. Ever since I have come to London, I have discovered and experienced the horrid situations for concerts. Ticket touting has invaded the market and not enough is done to stop it. The emphasis is placed on bots and information of buyers, while the problem lies somewhere else. The problem is the price.
    How come a company is allowed to sell a ticket double the face value, plus £30-£50 in fees? Companies that try to seem clean like Ticketmaster are all guilty of reselling tickets at much higher prices. The only possible way to change anything is to limit the profit one can make.
    In short, Ticketmaster, Seatwave, GetMeIn, StubHub and expeically Viagogo are taking all of us for idiots (just look at their website and the way they make you buy tickets). It has now become safer and cheaper to get a ticket at the venue from a random person than online and that is not ok. Something needs to be done.
    Some companies are helping, such at Twickets, (please use it) which only offers tickets at face value or less and has rather small fees.

  80. I sold tickets on the viagogo website. Sent my tickets off and was promised payment after the purchaser attended the concert.

    Days after the concert I still hadn’t received funds into my nominated bank account or PayPal.

    I contacted Viagogo and after several emails back and forth I was asked to upload documentation to prove I had not been paid by viagogo. I sent them a copy of my bank statement.

    After a month waiting for their next response I logged back into my account to send them a follow up email and have been redirected due to my query being past the expiry date for complaints!!! How on earth have they decided that it is too late to follow up on a complaint when it is they who haven’t responded. I now realise they must have taken their sweet time to respond to me so that it would run over the “expiry date” to complain. I am beyond frustrated.

    I hope, at the very least, that the person who paid for the tickets received them and was able to attend.

  81. ive been going tp concerts religiously for about 17 years before touts were a big deal i managed to get front row or good seats at the right price. nowadays i would be like just to get a good seat. fan presales mean nothing to me anymore choice of tickets are crap. i look on a tout site and they have the great seats even though its mean to be fans only sales before general sale but they still get them and sell tickets at stupid prices.
    these companies and people are heartless scum. putting in false claims for free tickets that victims of Manchester attack were meant to get then selling for a profit. should be jailed

  82. I have been well and truly ripped off by Viagogo. Please see below message i have sent to them today -one of 3 messages i have sent.

    Hi Viagogo

    Got an issue but can get no response from emails and no. Phone no. To say im a tad irate is an understatement. Bought tickets for Rod Stewart @ Durham for the 09th June 2017. Paid £303 for 2 x tickets to be seated as per below

    2 tickets Order ID: 9245118 Section: 5 Row: B Seats: 9 – 24 Order Status: Tickets on the way

    Tickets received today -05th June 2017 and the seating is Block 38. Row J seats 14 and 15.

    Definitely not what i ordered and paid for. Could you please resolve this for me urgently.

    2nd issue is the tickets i received were ticket master tickets and had a value of £55.00 plus £7.00 S/C per ticket. £62.00 per ticket which is a total of £124.00 for both. Can you advise what the additional £179.00 charges are please. I have already lodged a complaint with my credit card company over these tickets. Would aporeciate an urgent response on this please with new tickets to be issued with the correct seating that was agreed with your company when i purchased these tickets.

    Thank you.

    As if yet i have had no response from this company and i am so annoyed. Not only have i been ripped off with extortionate ticket charges but to add insult to injury my seating is not what i paid for.

  83. Bought Depeche Mode London 3rd June tickets from via gogo. 10 minutes after Ticket master decalred them sold out. Price 217 for 2 tickets.. E-Ticket delivered day before gig.. Went with friend and was refused entry.. E-tickets had to be exchanged.. And you had to have id of person named on ticket.. But my seats were invalid.. Block was listed as not for resale.. Viagogo don’t answer phone.. No rep on site unlike some other resale sites.. So had to buy tickets at ticket office.. Got 2 for 78 quid each, better than viagogo seats.. Customer service site directs you to web site complaints and only says sorry.. Phone line says you have to pursue refund at gig.. But line never leads to a human.. Just a recording directing you to the website. To make matters worse.. Had I not been able to buy tickets at the venue.. To save a wasted journey we had discussed going into London.. 3rd JUNE 2017 DURING DEPECHE MODE GIG THERE WERE TERROR ATTACKS IN LONDON.. my friend is now scared how close we came to giving up and going to Londo instead. She doesn’t want to go to future events because of the stress it caused and spent the first part of the concert concerned about me having to pay twice for the same concert. I AM GOING TO PETITION THE HOUSE OF. COMMONS AND SEEK TO LOBBY THE SWISS GOVERNMENT TO TAKE ACTION. I also suggest a self starter crowd funded effort using any experience and expertise to start a responsible first call ticket agency.. With 3 part authentication so touts are never in possession of all the information required to resell a ticket.. Forcing the tickets to be sold back to our agency with small penalties allowing the ticket to be resold.. I propose a rep to be on site at gigs to deal with any problems.. As this will be a crowd funded effort.. I propose no one person is the boss it’s a cooperative and those who give up time as well as contributing will be life members and will be perked as appropriate. BY FANS FOR FANS..

  84. Hi, on 14th October 2016 I used PayPay to buy 2 x Depeche Mode tickets from a company called Viagogo. My wife Nanette searched the internet when she knew Depeche Mode were to play London on 3rd June 2017. She found 2 tickets on a site called Viagogo, the normal sites she uses had none available so she ordered them through Viagogo, because they were the only ones who had them listed, thinking they were a legitimate company. She accepted the cost because as they weren’t on sale anywhere else she assumed they were pre-sale priority tickets and came at a higher value, she said it never showed anywhere on the page that it indicated these were someone else’s tickets not ours. The site showed the block but not the seats and not the face value which is illegal as it doesn’t comply with the consumer rights act. The site also gave a count down timer and stated that they were only 5 tickets remaining, we’ve since found out from other people this is a regular ploy to make you rush into buying. I paid £184.69 through PayPal and didn’t think any more of it until the tickets were emailed to me 26th May. Once I downloaded them I was shocked to see they were in a different name and the face value of the tickets including a service charge came in at £45.80 each, that’s £91.60 total! The break down on the email I received said for each ticket was £66.66 face value, £5.95 shipping, they were emailed to me!!, £37.85 booking fee!!!!!!! What!!!!! I have since joined a Facebook page where others are reporting similar stories. PayPal are in association with a fraudulent ticket touting company that fleeces innocent hard working people like my wife and I out of our hard earned money. We thought we were purchasing genuine tickets, not ones that had been bought prior by someone else. Viagogo know that people are going to sell tickets that aren’t yet on general sale to future events, surely this is illegal! I have asked PayPal to look into this matter and refund me £90.00 that I have overpaid for my tickets. So we’ll see how that goes.

  85. I went to see imagine dragons last night and bought the tickets from viagogo!! Said the tickets were £127 for 2 and £351 was taken out of my bank!!! We met up with the seller once there and the tickets only cost £35 each !!!!!!! We want the difference back I understand there’s a booking fee but that much is a joke !!! Viagogo are uncontacable and they do not show these prices at payment

  86. I used Viagogo website to buy tickets for LittleMix but decided not to buy them due to rip off handling fees. So i pressed cancel on the option at the end of the order. Only to find that they took a payment without my permission. I have spoken to my bank, who are investigating my claim of fraudulent behaviour by this company. I was informed by the bank that they will try to return my money.

  87. I bought 2 tickets to Bat out of hell the Musical for £90 per ticket on my mobile. Costs did not show for booking fees vat or shipping. Total should have been £180 but was £247.08 which did not show until after payment, outrageous add ons not shown plus ticket prices inflated by £60 per ticket. Shipping charged even though e-tickets. Have complained numerous times but no refund. Have asked cc company to dispute payment but not holding my breath!!

  88. I bought two tickets from Via gogo – face value was £110 charged £303 and the seats were not in the location booked ie second block centre stage and tickets were 10 rows from back of the stadium.
    Couldn’t e mail them as I seemed to be blocked.

  89. Yesterday I purchased Aegon championship 2017 tickets using Viagogo UK

    I am aware of the 3rd party inflated costs however, my Aegon tickets arrived this morning. The cost £130 each

    Viagogo charged me £263 for EACH (DOUBLE THE TICKET PRICE)

    £93 for EACH TICKET SERVICE CHARGE ( £37 less than the value of the actual ticket price)


    This is extortion of magnitude proportions

  90. I am a huge fan of Coldplay and when tickets went on sale for their tour myself and my daughter were on two different computers. The second the tickets went live we were online and being almost instantly being redirected to seatwave. I thought there was a mistake and had never heard of seat wave. Needless to say we didn’t get any tickets. As a fan I was gutted. I’m still waiting to see if I can get them face value from someone who can’t attend and am refusing to buy off these tote sites. Last resort will be to sit in a beer garden near the venue and listen from afar. Don’t see how these totes should make money off the backs of musicians and fans. They’ve created nothing. It takes musician a long time to get where they are. I know from experience with a daughter who’s in the music business that they make so little money on their first decade out there. Holding fans to ransom for tickets is nothing short of criminal. Once upon a time there were a handful of individual totes but now with technology it has gone large scale. I for one would like reassurance that I can buy my tickets face value.

  91. Tickets for Queens of the Stone Age 2017 UK Tour go on sale tomorrow morning (21st June) at 9 am. At 9.30 yesterday (19th June) there were tickets for the gig on Viagogo at more than 3 times face value. Tickets were already being resold 2 DAYS BEFORE they went on general sale!! The only way I could think that this was possible is that touts were using o2 Priority tickets to buy them 48h before the general sale and it was only tickets for the o2 venue that were available, not the rest of the UK dates. However on the o2 Priority website it says that tickets resold anywhere else but Stubhub are invalid. Unfortunately a friend thought it was the official sale and got 8 tickets for a group of us, paying £153 instead of the face value of £42.50. We can’t get refunds and the only option now on Viagogo is to resell the tickets back on the site. However we don’t even know if the tickets are valid anyway. More should be done through legislation and by companies who offer presales to prevent vast numbers of tickets getting in to the hands of touts instead of fans. I have never visited the Viagogo site before, but everything about the design, graphics and interface seems to be set up to generate a sense of high demand and urgency to buy tickets before they sell out. Sadly most of the legitimate general sales I have tried to get tickets though in the last few years, particularly for larger venues, have ‘sold out’ in minutes, I suspect largely as a results of touts buying up tickets to then resell.

  92. Pick pretty much any gig in any city in the UK and the vast majority of seats/standing tickets will be ‘sold out’ and already on sale on the various resale sites.
    I no longer go to large gigs because I refuse to allow profiteering by touts and the corporations abetting them .

    No charge above ticket price!

  93. Bought 3 tickets to Celine Dion in Birmingham on 27th July 2017 from Viagogo.
    Each ticket cost £175 plus £49 booking fee for each ticket and £13 for VAT and delivery.
    The tickets arrived today and they cost £73.93.
    This is absolute extortion, we only used viagogo because official sites like ticketmaster, seegigs and the celine dion website were all sold out or crashed in the 4 hours we waited in the queue to book the tickets.
    Absolutely appalled that this is allowed!

  94. I recently bought 4 tickets for Bonobo in Bristol from Viagogo. The website didn’t give a face value for the ticket but when I clicked to purchase them, the total cost was £206, which I thought was steep but as I was as in a rush for tickets that were due to sell out quickly I was prepared to pay a bit more than the £30 I subsequently found out the tickets were worth. However, when I received the confirmation email my account had been charged £412.24, a significant increase, so I got ripped off twice in one transaction. I would never have willingly paid more than £100 for these tickets and at no point during the transaction did this figure come up – if it had done I wouldn’t have completed the purchase. Companies like this are ruining the live music scene in this country. I am usually quite wary about buying tickets online but this looked like an official/ approved ticket site and was the first to appear on my search with tickets still available. The whole experience of buying the tickets was designed to be stressful with messages stating that the tickets were selling out fast; this kind of hard sell normally wouldn’t make me rush to buy something but friends were also relying on me to get tickets for them. I shan’t be buying tickets this way in future and I certainly wouldn’t go near Viagogo again.

  95. Purchased tickets via viagogo for Jamiroquai for Saturday 24th June.

    JayKay had to re-arrange because of his bad-back but can only book the O2 for a wednesday in December.

    Viagogo say the will not refund as it has been re-arranged rather than cancelled.

    Obviously a Saturday is quite a different night to a Wednesday when most cant travel to London!

  96. I tried to purchase tickets for Queens of The Stoneage at the Usher hall in November, all the tickets were gone in minutes but quickly appeared on secondary site. I purchased two from Viagogo for £280.00. I’ve since found out that the venue will be implementing a strict policy of only allowing people who can provide photo id that matches the bookers name on the ticket into the concert, Viagogo don’t care. the tout wins and me and other punters lose out. How can this possibly be a viable way of trying to stop the touts??. Can the venue legally do this when i and others have valid tickets ??

  97. I paid 150 quid plus for two tickets for viagogo. This was for a surprise birthday event for my husband. Tom jones, and horse racing at cartmel, Lake District, 30th June. Two days before event, it was cancelled saying that’s Ellen is no longer selling ticket!’. I wasn’t even aware it was this kind of website! Poor advertising. Hopefully I will receive a refund, paid by credit. But not for ten days! Disgusting.

  98. IN A WORD VIAGOGO – TICKETS AT 7 TIMES FACE VALUE SECONDS AFTER THEY SOLD OUT. NO REP ON SITE AT GIG TO DEAL WITH 100’S OF PEOPLE REFUSED E-TICKET ENTRY. NEVER ONCE ANSWERED A CALL DESPITE CHARGING FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF COMPLAINING. HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO AMERICAN EXPRESS WHO ARE CHASING THEM ON MY BEHALF. Gig was not sold out so Ticket-master also published fraudulent information (probably to bump up prices via Get-Me-In) (which were on sale BEFORE the ticket lines had closed).. There was a terrorist attack in the city that day.. and it makes me shudder to think what would have happened if I hadn’t gone to the concert (London Olympic Stadium – Depeche Mode)..

    I bought tickets from the ticket office on site for 78 quid each.. a quarter of what I paid.. proving they weren’t sold out.

    No mention that this was an ID only gig.




    4. WHEN YOU PURCHASE – YOU MUST STATE A DELIVERY ADDRESS (AS A FALL BACK) And confirm payment details as normal.

    5. If you confirm you will receive details prior to the event.
    (an app with a qr code reader will be recommended.)
    Your Membership card will have a unique QR Code on it, you will need to scan this and verify it to activate the card from the app.

    6. When you receive your validation email or text shortly before the event, you should log into the site or start the app and automatically validate your tickets using the login and 6 digit code sent by text, and then entering the validation code from your membership card (only works for four tickets).


    Start the App – Scan the QR code on your membership card which will send an sms to the phone – (automatically read by the app) – which will then validate your tickets.

    When you attend the gig, you only need to take your Membership, one form of ID or your mobile phone.

    at the point of entry you simply need to be present with your cardif scan the QR or Swipe then enter your Pin Number.

    The correct number of Stubs will be printed – which you give to your party as proof of entry. They can then scan these at the gate to be admitted. After that normal security regulations and searches will apply.

    Refunds – Only the original seller may re-sell your ticket. There should be a threshold – No tickets may be re-sold within 7 days of the general admission opening date.

    Up to 90 days – Refund is face value only (Admin fee retained)
    Up to 30 days – 50 percent of face value only
    on the day 50 percent of face value (only if resold) allow tracking as proof.

    With my system..

    The touts will need..
    1. a unique mobile number every 4 tickets
    2. a unique delivery address for every membership card
    3. a unique membership card for every 4 tickets
    4. they will need a unique pin number for every card
    5. they will need to pre-validate each batch of 4.
    6. they will need to have valid ID and escort 3 people at a time through the gate by printing stubs and getting searched

    It will make them visible, and it will make it impossible to sell large batches of tickets or buy them. It will make gigs affordable, by ensuring those who want to go have a realistic chance of buying them at face value first.

    The venues will be responsible for validation by signing up with agencies – it will be their job to provide it.

    Ticketing agents in the UK should apply for a license to operate. Part of their remit to operate is that all customer services numbers should be FREE. All calls should be answered. All Agencies consent to regular compliance audits.

    All ticketing agencies should have a representative on site at any venue where more than 10 percent of sold tickets are not confirmed within 3 hours of opening. That representative should be visible and approachable.

    All large venues should have representation regardless of confirmation.

  99. used viagogo as I was a fool. Paid £174 for two blink 182 tickets. Only £44 each so I paid £86 pounds extra. Nearly double there value. Got shit customer service. But then what do you expect from money grabbing thrieving scumbags who steal from hardworking people. I love my music and go to many concerts. I fee dirty that I used a scam artist like viagogo. In this day when the charts are full of x-factor rejects and crap music the real bands need the money touring and the fans want to pay reasonable prices. These scum bag touts NEED stoping. bring back the old way of getting tickets. On the phone or que at your local ticket office/HMV

  100. Purchased tickets for World Athletics and really by mistake used
    Viagogo and had a huge amount of money added to the ticket sale. I had to put that down to my own fault.
    Now I can’t use them so reselling via them and losing more money!
    Not sure how to approach it really as no reply to the email I sent etc

  101. On 13 May, the booking opened for Proms 2017. The concert I was interested in was likely to be very popular. I got on to the Albert Hall website, selected the seats I wanted and proceeded to pay. By the time I had completed my purchase, I discovered I was no longer on the Albert Hall website but Viagogo’s and the price of the tickets was not £44 each as I thought but £93 each. I had not only been charged twice the face value of the tickets (£30) but had incurred a £25 charge per ticket. The worrying thing to me was that during the whole time I was making the purchase, I genuinely thought I was on the Albert Hall website. At no point did I knowingly switch to Viagogo. I still do not know how it happened. I am not a novice in making purchases on the Internet and would never knowingly have gone to a ticket tout site.

  102. On Saturday, we were the unfortunate victims of what I believe to be a misleading promotion, which resulted in a transaction which I believe is fraudulent in nature.

    Just after 10am on Saturday 8th July, 2017 my wife went online to try and secure tickets for Ed Sheeran at Wembley in June 2018. The tickets went on sale at 10am on Saturday morning (as we had read in the press).

    She typed in ‘Ed Sheeran tickets’ to Google and a number of sites were presented. She clicked the top link which was for Viagogo. Having never bought music tickets in the UK before (we were until recently living in Australia), we had never heard of Viagogo but it looked to be a reputable site. It was also the only site which wasn’t frozen. There was nothing on the site to suggest we weren’t buying legitimate tickets (i.e that they were resale tickets).

    On clicking the link, she was taken straight to the site and presented with a range of tickets for Ed Sheeran’s concerts. Looking for the most reasonably priced she bought two tickets which then had VAT and delivery added to them (seemed very expensive delivery she recalls). The total cost being £473.69. Whilst we thought this was expensive, we just assumed they were highly priced because it was Ed Sheeran.

    Several hours after purchasing on the site, it then became clear that the standard ticket price for the concert was in fact £88 and that Viagogo had greatly inflated the price. After further research it seems that these tickets will not have our names on them either (as they are resold tickets). Ed Sheeran has publicly said that no one will be able to gain access to the concerts without a named ticket (and showing ID to match).As a result the tickets we have bought are completely unusable and I believe we have been misled into buying something which is worthless. I’m assuming there are many more people who have been duped into a purchase along similar lines to us.

    We have attempted to get a refund from Viagogo but have been told by their customer service people that this is not possible and the only way forward if we don’t want the tickets is to put them back on sale again. My preference would be to get a complete refund. The only option I can see now is to dispute the credit card payment via my bank and the Mastercard dispute process. I doubt I will be successful with this but will try anyway.

    We should have paid £88 each, giving a total of £176. We have effectively been conned out of £297 and even then we will receive tickets which will not be accepted to gain entry to the venue. Ed has made that very clear here:

    They have stolen £473 from us. This has to change – these companies cannot be allowed to profit like this from the unsuspecting public

  103. My husband and I bought tickets for our daughter who is crazy for Ed Sheeran from Vivagogo last weekend. They were the top of the Google list and assumed it was very much OK. We had no idea they were a secondary site until I read a BBC news article. We paid nearly £300 per ticket. Now we are really worried that our tickets are worth nothing and we will have a very disappointed daughter. We have no idea what to do next.

  104. I’ve been trying to buy 4 seated tickets for the Ed Sheeran tour. I set 3 devices up for 3 different sites to maximise my chance of getting said tickets.
    I tried for the first date, then 2 more were announced and finally a further date a few days later. I’m not new to buying tickets online, the only difference was that I was booking for more people this time (4). I was logged onto the sites half an hour before the sale opened and had everything I needed ready. On this occasion, I was unsuccessful every time. My complaint is, that within 10 minutes, tickets were available on secondary sites, (Viagogo was the one I checked), some at nearly 4 times the face value. When is action going to be taken to stop these unscrupulous people!!!

  105. I had purchased 2 x Ed Sheeran tickets on 08/07/2016 from the site for £180.00. When I checked my credit card the overall total cost which has come out of my bank was £756.61.

    I couldn’t get any tickets for the Cardiff one so I saw viagogo site, I didn’t know the situations of what has happened in the past until this situation had happened to me, I looked online and saw all these incidents with other people as well. I searched for 2 x tickets which I thought and was led to believe was £180 for the both of them.

    Also I feel that their website when purchasing tickets does not clearly show the most important information clearly, and you are also put under pressure by having to complete your transaction within 5 minutes. I feel and believe that by making people rush to complete their transactions and making very important information extremely difficult to see or find in the time frame given. They are clearly mis-guiding people by doing this, knowing that people will fall into this trap.

    This isn’t a small thing as there are so many people being conned into buying the Ed Sheeran tickets if they didn’t know like myself that they wouldn’t be valid tickets. Yet they are still selling tickets at triple the face value cost and some people won’t know that the tickets they are buying won’t be valid.

    This situation has caused and has affected me financially, and it has made my account overdrawn which I’m am now being charged daily for, as well as not officially having/owning all of that money I am now going to be in debt.

    It’s my birthday Month and was going to go away to London for a couple days the weekend before my 25th birthday. I have now had to not do this due to no longer having any funds/money. I will personally say it has put a downer to this month already!

  106. Bought 4 tickets through viagogo because I was mislead to believe that they were first hand tickets. Was mislead to believe that the tickets were fast going by manipulations. Was lead to believe I would pay the amount for the tickets. Was notified only AFTER finishing the purchase of the fee they charge, which is almost 25% commision!. Got the tickets by email only 2 days ago, with another person’s name on them. Feel ripped off

  107. Bought 4 tickets for Toots and the Maytails at Watering Hole,Perranporth 9th august at £27 each+£2 booking fee.Put in credit card details, was redirected to Viagogo, and was pressured by “only 12 tickets left”, and clock running down,and BEFORE I even saw the price (£336) it had been taken from my account.I immediately tried to cancel, but was unable to. I checked with venue next day, and there were lots of tickets left. As there is a post on “Victims of Viagogo” every few minutes, I imagine there are lots of others too.

  108. My sister bought tickets from viagogo on the day that Adele released extra tickets to her uk tour.
    She clicked on the official site and must have then followed a sponsored link through to viagogo website without realising she’d done it.
    She was buying 3 x tickets for golden circle which I told her would be £175 each plus fees.
    She’s very inexperienced at buying tickets online and as such saw the tickets @ £174.99 with fees and thought she was purchasing what I had informed her to get.
    The tickets were for my moms 70th birthday and so we really wanted to surprise her with a wonderful treat.
    The tickets arrived and state a face value of £75 and we were absolutely gutted and felt completely ripped off, to the point that we no longer wanted to go.
    We contacted viagogo and told them the full story and that we were shocked that resellers could have tickets on there in the same moment that they are being released and they said the tickets was sold legally but if we didn’t want to go now we should sell them through their website!
    I have to say Adele then cancelled the event in the week as it was due to take place that weekend and instead of disappointed we were overjoyed. It meant we could get our full money back!

  109. I receently purchased tickets for The Rolling Stones playing In Luca Florence for this September through ViaGOGO. We purchased three tickets at an eventual price of £270 each. when the tickets arrived the face value on the tickets were 115 euros each. I cannot believe that Viagog are making all this profit they are making more than the Rolling Stones. Are the band aware of this. I am quite sure Mick Jagger would not approve.

  110. I actually sold my Adele tickets to Viagogo as an absolute last resort because we couldn’t attend and they haven’t paid me.

  111. I’ve been a concert goer for nearly 40 years now and I’ve never known it so difficult to buy tickets for big gigs. People are desperate to see their favourite bands and touts take advantage of that. There should be legislation preventing such ridiculous markups. I tried to get tickets for The Killers recently and Ticketmaster were saying that tickets were sold out in less than a minute on a 12,000 seater arena. I checked Viagogo and other reseller sites and tickets were already there at £150 for a £55 ticket.

  112. Got an email from a venue advertising tickets for Suzanne Vega in the North East. Hubby’s birthday present sorted, great! Clicked on the link but it didn’t work so went to Google and did a search, it popped up with a message to say that the tickets were almost sold out and I needed to hurry. I panicked and rushed through the buying screens but got the tickets. The cost was so high – £130! It was only after I’d paid that I realised that this wasn’t the official site and was in fact Viagogo and that I’d been duped. Went on to see if I could get a refund, no joy and to add insult to injury, when I got onto the venue website the tickets were £34.50 each…I was sooo annoyed and upset. This type of over charging should be totally illegal. When my tickets arrived, the total cost per ticket…£34.50 plus £5.25…no where near £130. Someone somewhere is making a lot of money out of music fans

  113. I have bought ed sheeran tickets to be told they are now void!! Do not buy off viagogo tickets – £367.12 for to tickets and now for them to be void I am fuming to say the least 😤

  114. Booked 2 tickets to see Queen in December from Viagogo as all were allegedly sold, £369.95 for two £79.00 tickets. I am sure I am not alone.

  115. Good for you fanfair,for far too long these so called ticket companies, that as you point out a lot of people are unaware are secondary marketing sites have been ripping people with with astronomical fees
    Years ago when Theresa May was home Secretary I sent her an email about this problem,to her credit she did reply,her response was that the government were aware of these sites and felt that at least on a site like this you were guaranteed to get your ticket,unlike other ways of purchasing tickets online,fair point,but as far as I was concerned a huge not really caring attitude,now at last quite a few years later we seem to be getting somewhere,personally I won’t be happy till these sites are once and for all got rid of.
    Meantime maybe more artists should get involved,like ed Sheeran,Adele and iron maiden recently.
    We are getting somewhere at last but unfortunately it’s a long process.
    Keep up the good work fanfair.

  116. Ordered 2 bryan Adams tickets advertised on viagogo for £110 each. With booking fee and VAT, total cost was £367. I was a bit disgruntled, because i thought that mark-up was hefty, basically for putting tickets in an envelope and putting them in the post. However, i became more disgruntled when the tickets arrived the face value of the tickets was £57 each. I telephoned to complain, but a recorded message told me to input the 4 digit extension I required. Obviously, I didn’t know it. I then got disconnected. I then emailed viagogo with my complaint, not only about what i consider to be deception regarding the ticket price, but also the fact that the website puts customers under pressure to buy tickets, by showing alerts such as “only 3 tickets left”. I received a bog standard reply, which made me realise they are having to explain their business practices to a lot of customers.
    I did revisit the website and eventually found the statement that gave the face value of the tickets. However, it was difficult to find and only stated the face value in a cost band. It did not give the face value of the particular tickets I had purchased.
    From research I have done since, I realise that I got off lightly.
    But this company needs stopping.

  117. I have unfortunately become a victim of Viagogo buying 4 tickets for Ed Sheeran for his 2018 tour. Like many other people I paid more than I thought for the tickets I bought and after finding out the tickets are in valid I’m having no success in getting a refund from Viagogo. Let’s hope by having our say it will help to stop others becoming victims.

  118. I googled the Arts Centre Melbourne and their website displayed Kevin Bridges was playing. I clicked on his banner within the Arts Centre website and was redirected to Viagogo. As I was in the Arts Centre page I naturally assumed that this was their approved ticket seller.
    After purchasing the 2 tickets for approx $175 each I received the tickets via registered post and a $415 debit from my bank account! The price on the tickets read $79.90.

  119. I recently went to buy tickets from viagogo for a comedian. Started the process and thought I was paying £60 each for 4 tickets. It asked for my name, email, address on the next page. The next one wanted my card details and I pressed continue. Waited for the process and then the order was completed and I had paid a lot more than £60 per ticket as there was a£40 per ticket booking fee. While I understand they charge an absurd amount booking fee, my case with the mobile site is that I wasn’t informed of the final cost also I did not press confirm or place order. I simply pressed continue. Viagogo contact is useless and my credit card say I need to pay it. It’s unauthorised in my eyes as I did not confirm this order nor have I received a confirmation about it only from my credit statement have I proff of it and a screen shot from my phone of the total cost. I don’t know what else to do to cancel these tickets.

    I purchased 3 tickets for Ed Sheeran from viagogo the day they went on sale. Truly thought the site was legit given it made claims to be an ‘official’ seller. Site uses lots of pop ups and gave only a limited time to purchase the tickets which was very confusing and encourages a quick sale. Not an Ed Sheeran fan as bought tickets for my daughters birthday – only made aware that tickets from resellers would not be valid two days later from BBC website – should have been more widely publicised before tickets went on sale.
    Contacted viagogo six times quoting consumer law etc and that I had been defrauded by them and made clear I did not want to resell tickets only for some other family to be duped. Stock response – no refund as they are the agent – so I asked for name and contact details of seller so I could take to Small Claims Court – completely ignored this and reassured me the tickets were legit and would be honoured and continually suggested if I was disatisfied to resell tickets via their website (which I refuse to do).
    Bottom line £550 out of pocket and no birthday surprise for my daughter. Completely gutted but have contacted credit card company in the hope of chargeback (I live in hope with everything X’d!)
    So for anyone reading this, please do not use viagogo – as many will already know they are complete scummers (yes you read it right)

  121. I got a secret garden party ticket from viagogo – despite already being angry about the £60 booking fee, i later realised my tickets were invalid and bought, viagogo have now stopped answering my phone calls and emails and I can’t get my £240 refund!

  122. I wanted to buy tickets for The Script at Bridlington Spa. Used Viagogo and found myself rushed through the process. At no point did they explain what the final price would be. Wound up paying over £200 and being told the tickets will not arrive until three days before the concert. So I have no idea what seats I have or if I even have any seats. I contacted Viagogo who refused me a refund (which I expected). So now I will just have to wait and hope that I actually get some tickets.

  123. As I typed in for the will smith concert, viagogo popped up, baring in mind I have never bought any tickets before. I was pressured into buying them and then forced to pay an extreme amount which I was not told about whilst purchasing the tickets, I believe this is aggressive marketing. I then contacted Viagogo and kept get generic answers. I have been ripped off and now I do not even want them tickets.

  124. Late last year I purchased two tickets for lord of the dance. Unfortunately the first site I went onto to buy these tickets was viagogo. As soon as I typed in lord of the dance I seen ‘tickets selling fast’, ‘2% of tickets left’ etc… so I instantly thought I needed to buy them as quick as possible because I wanted them as a present for my mum. Each ticket was £72.99 each which meant it came to £145.98. Great I thought. I checked out and all of a sudden I had payed £210. From what I remember I didn’t see any additional prices what would add onto these tickets so I was abit shocked. Booking fee was £41.36, Delivery was £14.31 and vat was £8.31. I was disgusted in how much extra they had charged me.
    I tried to sell them back onto viagogo to get my money back but they never sold even tho the percentage of tickets would lower when I would go onto the site each time, yet the same amount were always for sale.
    I looked on other sites for the tickets after I purchased off viagogo and most of the tickets were half the price I spent. I felt like I had been tricked and fell for it. Will never buy anything off them again.

  125. Hi.I spent £2500 on 4 tickets to see Phil Collins through Viagogo.Unfortunately i couldn’t go so a month before i sold the tickets back through Viagogo and was offered £2000.I took the offer sadly.Then Phil Collins cancelled the show until December and Viagogo won’t pay me until after that next show and are keeping hold of my £2500 for about 9 months even though someone else has bough my tickets.What a scam.They should be closed down.

  126. We purchased 2 tickets for U2’s concert at Croke Park on 22nd July. We were concerned when the tickets arrived. They were paper copies and had someone else’s name on them. We were even more concerned when two further tickets ,again paper copies, arrived about a week before the concert. However, as they had been delivered by DHL Express we were hopeful they would be OK. There was a cover note to say to destroy the original tickets as they were no longer valid and hoped that we would enjoy the concert. The name on the tickets was Padraig Kelly. On Friday 21st we received a phone call from someone called Gary to check we had received the tickets. We were on our way to the airport to fly to Dublin and we’re again encouraged to think the tickets would be fine. However on arriving at the turnstile the following evening the operative tried to zap he tickets and failed. We were told they were void. We presented he original set of tidiets which were also void. We were sent to the box office where there were about 20 other people in the same position, including a couple who had travelled from Austria for the concert. All had purchased tickets from via gogo. All were trying to contact the company without success. I rang he number of Gary who had contacted me he previous day and amazingly got a reply. I told him that the tickets were void and he said he would meet us on the main road in 15 minutesand let us have additional tickets. Without any confidence we headed to the road where we managed to find Gary and he gave us 2 tickets which appeared to be bonfire tickets with a security mark on. We did not have to pay any additional cost and were given no real explanation. However at this point we were just relieved to be able to get into the concert. The price on the tickets was 76 euro each and we were charged a total of over 500 euro for 2 tickets. We tried to complain to the ticket site on our return but found this could only be done onine and only by responding to a limited set of questions. We would obviously never use his site again and would urge others not to do so.

  127. We bought tickets from Viagogo for an event in London recently after the last minute cancellation of the Adele concert that we were due to attend. Tickets were bought on the day of the event and arrived as e-tickets, we arrived at the venue and it said e-tickets were not accepted and they would not print the tickets for us as they were resell tickets and not in our name, they checked our tickets and said someone had already entered the venue on these tickets so even if we went somewhere to print them we would not gain entry. The ticket office at the event would not put this In writing for us and just gave us an email address for the promotor of the event to confirm this in writing. Still battling with Viagogo several weeks later to try and obtain a refund, to which they have tried everything possible to avoid a refund under their 100% guarantee, hoping that we will give up, the matter is now with our credit card company. Sites like Viagogo should not be allowed to operate in the UK, they are depriving genuine fans the chance to buy tickets from the official seller for an event by buying them up on an industrial scale.

  128. I abhor the way that organisations actively support viagogo by embracing them as “Official Partners”. Chelsea FC, World Snooker and Scottish Rugby are just three. I have had protracted discussions with Scottish Rugby who appear impervious to criticism about their lack of integrity.

  129. I bought tickets through viagogo on 8th July which I believed was the day they were released for Ed Sheeran concert in June 2018. I spent about an hour trying to get tickets hopping from site to site, thinking they were all selling legitimately.

    It was only when I saw Martin Lewis Money tips and the letter from the genuine promoters, that I became away that viagogo have defrauded me of hundreds of pounds for unusable, invalid tickets.

    As most people here have found out their is no way of actually getting in touch with viagogo, and they have a one way emailing system sending out not in.. So I found two ‘Head Office’ addresses in London, and sent copy of letter and my purchase stating that I wanted my money back as I have not:

    1. Received the tickets
    2. They are stated as invalid by the promoter
    3. They have taken money under false pretences – fraud
    4. They fall foul of Consumer protection acts in the UK.
    5. The contract is void as the tickets are unusable.

    The above is my first stage recourse.

    As described in the letter on Martin lewis’s website I have a right to my money back and not an alternative ticket.

    Finally having taken these steps I believe I can reclaim from my Credit Card provider if they do not pay out.

    However I believe that viagogo has a responsibility to return monies to fans that have purchased, and that the last resort of claim on my card company or bank, is an unfair approach.

    What ever happens I refuse alternatives else I would be aggravating the situation and colluding with viagogo.

    Pressure from fans and intervention from Trading Standards, should get a result.

    I suggest to anyone in this situation that they put their complaint in writing to viagogo along with a copy of the letter from Martin Lewis’s website, also keep a copy of it and when it was sent as evidential proof of claim.

    Do not accept anything else other than a full refund.

    I will never deal with viagogo again…

  130. I’ve bought 2 Ed Sheeran tickets for next year’s stadium tour for my daughter and me through Ticket Selection. Just found out they have a bad reputation and my credit card has been charged twice!! Going to try your process – why does no one in authority do anything about so many people being ripped off over and over again?
    The only people benefiting are the touts not the fans.

  131. On March this year I booked three tickets from Viagogo to see Celine Dion at SSE HYDRO on August 5.This was a treat for my wife and daughter. I had never done this sort of thing before so I’d never heard of Viagogo and now I wish I hadn’t. Much to my astonishment I was charged £635.55 or £211.85 per ticket. Being so naive I thought that was the correct price and didn’t cause a fuss. That was until months later when I received the tickets by post and was stunned to see the actual price was £65 per ticket plus an £8.80 booking fee per ticket. Total price £73.80 per ticket. I’ve since found that this company is under investigation and can’t be traced

  132. my wife bought tickets in Australia thinking the ticket price was the official price, when I seen my credit card statement I checked the official ticket price and they had ripped us for $180 that 90 pound. when I tried to complain and get a refund I could not get in contact with them. My credit card company could not help either. we wont make that mistake again.

  133. We bought 2 tickets for andy murray live in november at the glasgow hydro we bought the tickets through viagogo it wasent till we got to the last page that we where charged 300 pounds for 2 tickets that would normally cost 80 pounds i think that its shocking. As this event is for charity. Where the 220 pounds went strait in viagogo pockets😞😞😞😞

  134. I was charged £634.99 for 3 tickets to see Celine Dion on 5th August this year. I thought I was paying £75 per ticket! Pop ups kept appearing counting down the minutes left to complete the transaction, also pop ups saying how many other people are looking at these tickets. I felt under immense pressure to complete the transaction and almost passed out when I hit the confirm button and I saw the total charged was £634.99. I was in tears! The tickets I received had £90 on them. My daughters and myself went to the concert and Celine was fabulous but no way ever would I pay that amount to see someone sing

  135. Viagogo charged me £120 for two Luke’s graham tickets. They were the top google result. I was duped as I haven’t booked concert tickets online before. I thought they were official ticket sellers until the tickets arrived-the face value was £25 each. 😩 Very disappointed with Viagogo. Scam artists AIDED AND ABETTED BY Google WHO should not take their money to be a top result. GOOGLE-should show that they are a ‘ values lead’ organisation and refuse the foonsirdhip rom Viagogo to be placed as top search result.

  136. Hi just letting you know I have been successful in having my payment to Viagigo for Ed Sheeran tickets returned to my account. The tickets were bought using my Capital One credit card. My initial complaint to Capital One was met with great sympathy and understanding but they stated I had to wait until the concert and then if refused entry they could act. Having read about the Chargeback scheme I wrote to them to make a claim. I sent a copy of the letter available on the MoneySuperMarket site saying I was a victim of fraud. I also sent the letter from Kilimanjaro. Capital One contacted me asking for more details and copies of the letters available via this site. Much to my surprise and delight told me immediately they were refunding me the payment of almost £500. I have it back! Obviously there is the 45-60 day period for Viagogo to claim it back but I was told they need to be able to prove that the tickets are legitimate and I can use them. All the evidence and information being provided by the concert organisers, ticket providers and Ed Sheeran’s team state they are not. So please continue to get in touch with your banks and credit card providers. Thank you to FFA for advice and copies of the letters from Kilimanjaro. A big thank you to the complaints and dispute team at Capital One UK.

  137. I am one of the many people who has bought tickets off viagogo for Ed S concert tickets, trying to get my money back 🙁

  138. I bought 3 tickets on Viagogo – for Adam Lambert in New Zealand. I thought Viagogo was the official seller of these tickets, as the site claimed. Only after I purchased – I found that they were touted tickets. Viagogo also gave me the cost of the tickets, I paid by credit card – then they added another $300 AFTER I paid the price of the tickets. Viagogo is nothing more than a SCAMMING site. I paid $1000 for three $112 tickets which are sight obscured. Who knows if the tickets are even real. I would love to see Viagogo and other sites like it BLOCKED. They shouldnt be allowed to exist.

  139. Hi all,
    On March 30, 2017 I have bought two tickets or Burning Man festival, starting on 27th of August 2017. Beginning of Jun I received tickets and discovered that face value of one ticket was $425 and Viagogo charged me 1330$ ($2660 for two tickets).
    Later I became unable to attend the event, so decided to sell my tickets. I have listed same two tickets on Viagogo and after 3 weeks I received an email that my tickets have been sold (for $1728 which is $932 less than I paid ). But I did not receive an address of the buyer where to send the tickets. I have sent several emails asking for the address and only after 3 weeks I have received an email with an address in China (Nina Liu, 111-1-301, JinDuHangCheng 2Qi, Baiziwan road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100000, China). I aproached to FedEx and they told me that this address does not exist and they cannot ship there. On the other hand, Viagogo told me, they will pay me only after 8 days from the date of the event to make sure that buyer could gain access to the event. I asked Viagogo to get me in contact with the buyer to be sure that they will not lie to me. But they refused to. At the same time, I discovered Facebook page Victims of Viagogo, and only after I have fully realized that I was dealing with a bunch of scoundrels. I started to research on Google, and additionally, I discovered this notice on Burning Man web page:
    “The majority of listings on Viagogo are speculative listings, which means that the sellers do not actually own Burning Man tickets to back up their listing. Further, their terms of service are not at all favorable to buyers and the seller may cancel your order right up until a few weeks before the event, leaving you without a ticket. As a community service, please flag and report these listings directly to those sites whenever you see them. “ – “Any ticket or vehicle pass being sold for above face value plus service fees is at risk of being canceled and not being valid for entry to the event. If a ticket has been auctioned and/or sold for above its face value, we may have already canceled and voided that ticket.”
    “Each ticket has a unique QR code, with the corresponding information displayed next to it. Use a free QR code-scanning app on your phone to check that the QR reads the same info as is printed next to it.”
    I have scanned my tickets with QR reader, and it does not scan it (I have tried with two different phones, with different QR scanner software).
    Eventually, I discovered that my tickets were fake.
    I e-mailed Viagogo regarding, but they insisted me to send tickets to non-existent address in China, otherwise, they would charge me for penalty. I have never sent tickets to there and they charged me $60 additionally.
    Then I have opened a dispute and asked for the chargeback from my bank and at this moment $60 has been refunded to me, but for the rest of the money, I am still waiting. one month has been passed since I requested for the charge back.
    To conclude:
    Viagogo is a perfectly well choreographed scheme to rip off people:
    Viagogo insists that they are a marketplace so not responsible for the fake tickets which is complete nonsense. They are not a marketplace since they do not get in contact sellers and buyers, as eBay does. They are regular sellers and not a marketplace.
    Viagogo charges thousands and thousands for handling charge which means they have to be responsible on something.
    Viagogo claims to be Official Burning Man resellers, which also is false. By well-illustrated show on Google and on their web page they give you an impression that they are official resellers and that tickets are in high demand and will sell out soon. With this illustrated show they mislead people to buy fake tickets 300% expensive then face value.
    After customers buy tickets from them and discover that tickets are fake and expensive, then they have perfectly well prepared legal arrangement to avoid refunds and kick off their customers.
    If you do a research on Google you will discover that there are hundreds of people who were ripped off by Viagogo.

  140. Viagogo has a very clever way of tricking people into thinking they are paying one price and then adding charges and fees. £220 became £442/for me and doesn’t look like it will be refunded. Flat refusal from them and bank asking for proof I was mislead which is very difficult. Modern day crime it seems to me.

  141. All I wanted to do was take my family to see Ed Sheeran. I was sold tickets from a secondary ticket site who broke terms and condition of sale meaning the tickets were invalid. I used the fanfair alliance support guide to support me in getting my money back. It’s a comprehensive guide that gives you step by step support to help obtain a refund.

  142. Having tried and failed to get Robert Plant tickets at the Royal Albert Hall today using phone and online , within a few minutes of “sold out” there were tickets online for almost four times the original price, with 88 tickets appearing on one site, although us music lovers were restricted to four each. Some hope. Thanks to Harvey Goldsmith who actually replied to my email about this experience I have found and will support Fanfair alliance Thank you for being here!

  143. I am from the UK and I purchased 3 tickets for Bruno Mars in Toronto specifically for my Wife’s birthday. The tickets were front row and cost $2833 … Having secured the tickets I booked the hotel and flights and I was promised my tickets no later than 3 days before.

    I have made contact around 8 times, the first 3 times I had responses “that there was nothing to worry about” and then the final 5 emails (on the day of the concert) were ignored.

    I am $2833 down and I’ve flown half way around the world off the back of a “guaranteed ticket” ….

    I am lost for words 🙁

  144. How can Anthoney Joshua tickets got Cardiff already be for sale on eBay at inflated prices before they are released for sale

  145. I paid £200+ for Waterboys tickets through viagogo.I panic bought as I was led to believe by viagogo that tickets were almost sold out and now find tickets are still available at half the price I paid

  146. Worst experience ever in purchasing / selling tickets, I was charged £184 for 2 tickets with original value at £35 each, the show was cancelled on the 24th August and after numerous attempts to contact Viagogo for a refund, I am still waiting.

  147. Hi, I bought 6 tickets yesterday threw viagogo, I did a google search for Shania Twain tickets and this site came up. I thought a bit strange as I thought it was Friday morning they went on sale, but the site came up saying hurry if you want tickets as there are others waiting to buy and you have 8minutes to finish the order, so of course you think oh its a right site as loads of people are buying too, and were selling fast. Now I realise I have payed double the price for my tickets and that someone else’s name will be on the ticket! It didn’t once say it was second hand tickets and I have looked at reviews and some people don’t even get their tickets. Consumer rights say you have to know your seat and row number to which I haven’t got as when I bought these the tickets weren’t on sale so how can this be a legally bonding contract? I have watched Dispatches since and I am horrified that I have handed over £800 to a company that is scamming innocent people. why is this company allowed to trade in this country??? I now cant even book a hotel as I don’t know if my tickets will come and if they do and I am asked for id then I wont get in with someone else’s name on it, also I now have had to tell my family and friends to go and buy other tickets in the morning from a genuine site at half the price as I cant expect them to pay for these as I thought that was what they were selling for. I feel so upset and can’t sleep over this. The government needs to put a stop to this.

  148. My wife asked if I could get her 2 tickets for Runrig’s farewell concert at Stirling from Ticketmaster. Tickets on sale at 10:00 so I go through the registration process 30 minutes before the sale time and I have the page open with a count down to sale time. Clock goes to 10:00 and page refreshes. I try to buy tickets but all are sold out (within 2 minutes) but the Ticketmaster site tells me to try GetMeIn (a part of the Ticketmaster group). What a suprise – GetMeIn have loads for sale at vastly inflated prices. Some sellers have 10 tickets that they’re offering for 3 times the face value. Really hacked off at Ticketmaster for helping touts.

  149. Paid £142.09 for two tickets, bought under time pressure from what I believed to be the official site. None of the proper consumer information given before the purchase eg face value or specific seating. Tickets arrived in another’s name, face value £32.00 each and dates proved company did not have the tickets at the time they sold them to me. Same problems with standard template replies from vendor. Still trying to claim chargeback and all other avenues. Action Fraud will not provide NFRC number, saying it’s not a fraud despite the definition of fraud on their website.

  150. I was charged over £500 for Ed Sheeran tickets on Viagogo and despite numerous, calls, letters and emails I have still not received a refund. They are a disgusting company.

  151. Totally mislead by viagogo on pricing of tickets with no mention of handling costs etc which more than doubled the advertised price. On trying to use their resale site my email was deemed incorrect, so no contact was possible. Will not be using them again.
    Lived and learned an expensive lesson.

  152. Completely ripped off for Foo Fighter tickets. Paid £479.00 for 2. Face value of tickets were £65.00 each! Was consistently told that tickets were valid and even though my name wasn’t on the ticket I would have no problem getting into the venue. Turned up to the venue after travelling 3 1/2 hours to be told tickets were not valid 🙁

  153. I am facing the prospect of losing £700 on Metallica tickets for the O2 after buying from StubHub months ago, only to find out recently that photo ID is required to get into the venue. I have contacted StubHub who’s blase response is to just resell the tickets if I don’t want them, i.e. dump the problem on someone else’s lap. They like to claim I will get a refund if I get turned away, so I am supposed to travel miles not knowing whether I will get in or not, have a wasted trip, and then you can just see StubHub coming out with some excuse and not refunding me. While I understand the good intentions of the bands and venues, all this has achieved is that thousands of actual fans will turn up to venues, get turned away and be left heartbroken, and very much out of pocket (like at the recent Foo Fighters gig). But the touts still have their money don’t they, the only people this is hurting is genuine fans who were desperate to see their favourite band. There has to be a better way.

  154. Was trying to get tickets for Gary Barlow alongside many others. I tried the Amazon presale and got nowhere. Then tried general sale today. Sold out as soon as open. However companies like Vivagogo and Getmein and tickets available at at least twice the price. How is this fair?!

  155. I bought an expensive ticket to see Metallica at O2 arena on the 24th October. Viagogo explicitly told me the tickets wold be fine, even if O2 website stated the need for the ticket to state the visitors name. Viagogo are ignoring my emails.

  156. The worst company are Ticketmaster thay tell people gigs are sold out in minutes but they have transferred them onto their own resale site Getmein. Yes some people sell on ripoff sites but Ticketmaster are the worst. Tickets for Metallica were sold out 5 minutes before they on sale!!

  157. The worst company are Ticketmaster thay tell people gigs are sold out in minutes but they have transferred them onto their own resale site Getmein. Yes some people sell on ripoff sites but Ticketmaster are the worst. Tickets for Metallica were sold out 5 minutes before they were supposed to go on sale!!

  158. I love going to gigs and I’m at them at least once a month.

    Today I spent 15 minutes on Ticketmaster awaiting tickets, as soon as they hit general sale it loaded and told me there were none available, however Ticketmaster’s ‘Get Me In’ re-sale site was already selling a wealth of tickets at more than double the value.

    It’s not even subtle now.

  159. I recently googled for a band’s tour dates and was brought straight to a site which said there were very few tickets left and so I hurriedly purchased them. They came up as £66 each but the final amount I paid was £182. When I printed the tickets, it actually said they were £49 each and had some other name on them! I then realized that I had been sold these tickets by the secondary ticket site Viagogo. When I phoned the venue they said they did not accept these tickets at last year’s event and that I should contact the Event organizer. They told me of the issues with these tickets and how I could get assistance. I took Claire Turnham’s advice and bombarded Viagogo with emails. As they sent be another unhelpful generic reply I pointed out all the reasons I shouldn’t be risking waiting to see if I could gain entry eg: the fact the tickets had some stranger’s name on them and yet it also clearly stated that ID checks may be made??!? This, coupled with being outrageously overcharged and missing out on the different choice of tickets I could have had if I had been brought straight to the official website, spurred me on to keep going, It went on for a month, sending several emails per day and was exhausting but it paid off when the money which had been pending in my account was not taken by the cut off date. I have now bought official tickets and am looking forward to the event,
    . Thank you to Claire for the great advice!

  160. Not an unusual or extreme version of being ripped off, but nonetheless I am so angry about this! I was trying to buy Flight of the Conchords tickets for any of their London gigs next March (4 in total) ticket prices supposed to be £25-65. Tickets went on sale 10a.m on Friday 27th. The tickets were all sold out before they were released, but were available through the secondary sites before 10am at massively inflated prices (cheapest tickets now trading at £150 + whatever outrageous handling charges the ticket companies are allowed to make up (£40+ handling fees?). If it were a fair fight to get tickets when they are released I wouldn’t mind, but I tried to buy them the very moment they went on sale & I don’t think it is fair that none were available. I have written to Ticketmaster, Apollo Hammersmith & the Culture Secretary asking this be looked into.

  161. Pretty much every music event I’ve tried to get tickets for recentry have sold out really quickly, but yet tickets are available on tout sites for over treble the cost! Example; the Streets were selling at £50.20 from Ticketmaster (no tickets available) but yet GetMeIn have tickets available for £183.20 for ONE ticket! I had the same experience when I tried to get London Grammar tickets.
    This has to stop. It’s not fair when all available tickets are being bought up, making them unavailable at face value and then being sold for treble the price. Unfortunately people must be paying these over inflated prices, else tout sites wouldn’t exist?

  162. Well, after posting what I thought was a positive outcome where I was told by my bank that the date for Viagogo to take the pending amount of money had passed, they have taken it! I am in talks with my bank at the moment but have started the back and forth of emails with Viagogo again. The latest one is very telling. After repeatedly saying that I would not have a problem with these tickets, they are now saying that because I have asked the venue about the validity I have made them invalid because Event organizers do not like people buying these tickets( I say tricked into it). Surely this is an admission on their part of selling tickets which they know will not be accepted. i intend to keep fighting this.

  163. I bought two tickets for Ed Sheeran’s concert in Singapore from as a gift for my husband and son. I thought viagogo was one of the official ticketing services as its name appeared top in Google search. When my husband and son got into Singapore Indoor Stadium, the officer in charge there told them that the purchased tickets were “not original”. I tried to contact viagogo to ask for possible refund but they did not provide any email or link where I could even ask. I am helpless & hopeless. I lost my money for nothing.

  164. Graham here well yes I was taking in by viagogo the official viagogo that is..the one that pays google be the first on the search engine.
    Me being a long standing fan of Matt Johnson and the the,I said if they ever played again I would within reason go anywhere to see them and thats where it all begins.
    I get updates from their fan page which announced gigs,wow said Graham Im going so I was on the internet the morning in fact the minute tickets went on sale and was directed to the clever pushy viaconcon site the rest you all know ordered 4 tickets under pressure and was charged £1100 pounds and probably wont even get any tickets let alone have enough time to organise hotels and transport 3 days before the gig ,and what they say ticket arrival date.
    Anyway money is only money not the end of the world but now effectivly I have no tickets or at least any that would be of any use to me.I am doimg my best to spread the word about this legal scam.
    I hope I can stop people falling in to the same trap.

  165. My wife has in our opinion been ripped off by Viagogo.
    She thought she was on the Ticketmaster website and as soon as Kasabian tickets went on sale for glasgow (this sat)she bought 2-ticket cost £82 each,total cost with charges -£212 ie about a £50 service charge that was bad enough.
    She has just downloaded the tickets-cost of them is actually £39.50 and they are at right angles to the stage and worse than useless.
    These tickets were bought within minutes of going on sale yet have another person’s name on them.She had and had understood that they were good tickets straight in front of
    the stage.
    Viagogo contacted and have said not their problem.ticket
    Totally ripped off !!!price

  166. I searched google looking for tickets for ColdPlay in San Diego, CA in October 8 2017.

    I was presented with a viagogo page on the top results and offered by around USD$200 tickets for a location. After being rushed to pay for the tickets with messages urging me to complete the transaction I ended up paying above USD$600

    After arriving in USA after many airplanes, tickets, hotels and months of waiting for the concert on my wife’s birthday we got into the stadium and faced the reality that the tickets were for a totally different location and they worthed no more than USD$70. It was the cheapest seat possible and we paid more than needed for a ticket on the floor close to the stage.

    After talking to the manager of the ticket office we were told Viagogo was a scam and they couldn’t do anything about it. We were forced to cry at the distance feeling robbed.

    I contacted them to ask for a refund and was told the tickets were right and no refund would be made. I never understanded the meaning of moral damages until this happened to us. It really affected us emotionally and economically.

    What a shame of human beings!

  167. Hi .. we have recently had £489 taken from our credit card for tickets that we apparently purchased through Viagogo. We don’t believe we confirmed a purchase for this amount – the tickets were displayed at £170 and only when we progressed to the next screen did it show us the final coat – at which point we were advised the purchase was complete! Viagogo refuse to refund our money but also are unable to provide us with confirmation that we accepted the final cost – how is this allowed to happen? How does a company get away with not giving a clear sale price?

  168. Please please help to get Viagogo out of business. I bought 2 tickets for Jake Bugg at £48 each. Second step was to give bank details and after that the bill came to £140 !!!! I pressed a button to say I didn’t want to go ahead and it went on to proceed with the sale anyway.

  169. I purchased tickets for the Sevens in Cape Town, 9 and 10 December. I have not received the tickets for 09 December as yet, however I received tickets for 10 December yesterday – the amount on the tickets is R 300 per ticket = R 600. My bill from Viagogo was R 7,495.

    The tickets for 9th December cost GBP 165.54 – which in excess of R 3 000. I am certain that the tickets will be worth R 300 each = R 600 – again what a rip off.

  170. I purchased tickets online for an Imelda May concert that was this month. They cost me over £70 each. It was only when I printed the tickets I realised the face value was just over £30. Because someone else’s name was on the tickets I called Viagogo as I thought I had been allocated the wrong ones. They said they were a resale and I had bought them at that inflated price. As this was the first site that appeared when I searched for tickets I had thought it was a direct ticket company.
    I went to the concert and enjoyed it but it was bitter sweet knowing I had paid more than double for myself and my best friend.
    Will never use them again.

  171. We saw an ad for an Oktoberfest day in Chester on Facebook. We ordered the tickets via Fatsoma. We subsequently found out the date on the facebook ad was wrong and Fatsoma sent tickets with the wrong date included.

    We contacted Fatsoma and they said we had to contact the promoter directly but refused to give us their details due to data protection. Despite several contacts on email and social media they still refuse to help.

    We are now £96 out of pocket and Fatsoma point blank refuse to help

  172. Tickets for George Groves v Chris Eubank Jr were scheduled to go on sale at 9:00am today (28/11/2017). The venue is the Manchester Arena which holds around 20,000 spectators.

    Having waited patiently for these tickets to go on sale, my friends and I were excited this morning and got ready to buy our tickets, we knew we might have difficulty so we were using our phones, iPad’s and laptops to try and secure just 4 tickets.

    At precisely 9:00 am the tickets were released and we added them to our basket, 25 seconds after 9 o’clock, every ticket was apparently sold out. We checked the usual suspects, StubHub, and low and behold, tickets were already on there at treble the face value. Eventim apparently had a strict 6 tickets max per person policy, however StubHub had options available for 25-30 seats together. Clearly, these tickets were already in StubHub’s possession before they were released to the public. It is absolutely disgraceful that they can repeatedly get away with this. They are pricing out genuine fans and fleecing the entire market. Live boxing is one of the worst events for ticket touting, it is virtually impossible to get any ticket at face value. Earlier in 2017 I had to resort to paying £200 for a £40 face value ticket to the Anthony Joshua v Wladimir Klitschko fight. I understand as long as people continue to pay the inflated prices then nothing will change, however I believe there really needs to be some form of legislation introduced to limit the price tickets can be re-sold for. Once again, the real fans suffer and the touts prosper.

  173. I’ve just bought two tickets on Viagogo for my parents – it’s for a gig at Hammersmith in March 2018. It’s a sought-after concert as it’s the only London date for the artist.

    After being held on a loading page telling me that tickets are selling very fast, only a few remaining (the usual trick), I was able to select my seats in the stalls, for £84 each. Steep price but almost acceptable by today’s standards.

    After selecting my tickets I was concerned that the tickets (e-tickets) did not state a row or seat number. This concern was quickly outweighed by the astronomical fees that the website put on my two tickets – £230 for two £84 seats (£62 of fees). I completed my purchase and was told that the e-tickets will be emailed no later than 3 days before the gig date. (It seems clear to me that this seller is a tout with numerous tickets who can’t yet specify seat allocation until all tickets have been sold).

    I’ve tried emailing Viagogo customer care, forwarding on my confirmation email, to try to find out more about my exact seats. I’m concerned that the stalls at Hammersmith include a standing area which would be unacceptable for my parents. Furthermore, with so little information to go on until the week of the gig, I’m not that convinced that my parents will even be able to get in to the venue (whose name will be on the tickets?)

    My email was rebuffed quickly with a generic response telling me that the email I’d used was not recognised against any existing order. When I pointed out that my email contained the confirmation email, another reply came stating that I needed to set up an account and go to FAQs to get my answer. The trouble is, Viagogo’s FAQs don’t get you specific answers.

    So for £62 of fees, I’m entitled to zero customer service and zero further information on my tickets. I have to wait and trust that I haven’t been sold fake tickets or that I even have seats reserved in the venue.

    A typical story. I hope Viagogo are abolished and become a distant memory to honest ticket buyers in the future.

  174. I rarely buy concert tickets and thought I was on the website of the concert hall. Now horrified to find it was actually Viagogo and I have paid £184 for tickets which were available for £68! This should be illegal.

  175. HI I bought two Tickets for Nottingham Arena in February from Viagogo with a debit card for 71 pounds each to see Arch Enemy but on first attempt card did not go through told me it was invalid and unsuccessful so I tried to grab tickets from another vendor at cheaper price I might Add that was successful only to find 2 or 3 days later viagogo’s had suddenly taken for original attempt annoyed that I now had paid for 4 tickets I tried to contact customer service but they do answer to my e-mails or phone is just same female robot even though I tried several numbers cannont get through to human and this is what is so annoying My bank will not help me either Santandar so it seems I am out of pocket & my only hope to retrieve monies is anyone at gig who wants to get in & probably will still lose money as if I had bought from arena would have been £21 each what a rip off !!!!

  176. I heard my favourite band ( depeche mode) was playing in my home town Birmingham and I heard about it on the 80s radio but I didn’t catch the address so I googled depeche mode in Birmingham and viagogo was first on the list so I trusted the company from the get-go .
    I saw there was only a few tickets left and a clock was ticking to secure seats they apparently had only a few of .
    Like other victims I was pressured to buy the tickets asap with a clock counting down from 4 minutes if I didn’t buy the tickets in 4 minutes there would be no tickets left .
    So I worried that I wouldn’t secure my 2 seats within the 4 minutes.
    I was given the price of the tickets (£69 each ) and I was pleased with price .
    So I manage to pay within the 4 minutes and I was in the horrors when I saw the exact over all charge I had been charged.
    This company had charged me a extra £60 pound which wasn’t stated anywhere prior to buying .
    A few weeks later I realised I couldn’t make the date I wanted a Saturday but I’d booked the Sunday .
    So I stupidly decided to list my tickets through the company ( viagogo) and instantly my tickets were sold for the same amount I had paid .
    I didn’t realise that you had to wait till 2 weeks after the concert to receive my money .
    A few weeks later I received a email saying my tickets were on the way so I kept track via the delivery company and I saw my tickets had actually gone to the buyers address and they were delivered safely .
    Then one day again a few weeks later I received a email off the company ( viagogo) and they had cancelled everything and told me I don’t need to contact them
    Again and that they’d be charging me £40 off my card if the buyers couldn’t get in the concert.
    I was fuming so I sent countless emails asking what was going on and they eventually replied and said I’d not sold my tickets the right way so they cancelled my sale .
    I went on twitter and messaged them along with emails and they agreed then to carry on with my sale and that I’d receive the price I sold the tickets for £186 .
    I lost my credit card shortly after and informed them that this had happened and gave them my replacement credit card number and I thought that was the end of it until I was paid for my tickets
    The event was 19th November.
    Then last week I found a email hidden in junk off the company ( viagogo) they asked me weeks prior to confirm my card number and I’d already done so on 2 occasions and I corrected my card details on my account with them .
    I emailed them straight away and they’ve basically blocked me on every email address they have .
    They’ve blocked me from sending emails through my account with them and all other emails they use .
    I’m just so annoyed how they can do this and take people’s money and we’re not talking a low amount , we all have paid a lot of money to these crooks .
    I’ve lost £240 and I never went the concert or received a refund .
    I hope this particular company gets punished.
    I’m now starting to give up hope at getting any money back .
    I’ve messaged them also via twitter and again it’s radio silence .

  177. My husband bought Proms tickets this summer from Viagogo by mistake and paid almost three times the face value – and he still could have got them direct from the Albert Hall. The problem is that Viagogo had an ad at the top of the Google search page so he went straight there. He won’t do it again!
    Today, I looked at some Hyde Park/Eric Clapton tickets, which are still available on official sites and the organisers are saying that the tickets cannot be resold and you may not be allowed in if you buy resold tickets. Nevertheless, tickets are being sold on Viagogo at inflated prices. The venues seem to be allowing to happen. Why?

  178. This is the content of my email to my local MP who is the SNP spokesman for culture, written today 4th December. Personal pleasantries and preamble have been removed.
    “I have been fortunate enough never to have been conned by the likes of Viagogo, Getmein and the like, but I have like many others been forced to watch the best tickets for gigs being hoovered up by these legalised touts and sold to the highest bidder, unfairly milking (screwing?) the fans and making obscene profits. Bizarrely I have now been at TWO concerts at GRCH where the best two seats (front centre) have been unoccupied for the first half of a show, before being filled by floor staff at intermission. It was the same artist both times as well- Jackson Browne. It really defies belief that the holders of such prized tickets were indisposed at such short notice that they couldn’t have given them to a friend or someone who could use them. As a fan, I am eligible for presale, and I was unable when the presale opened to get a ticket in the front EIGHT ROWS as they were sold out either before it opened or more likely hoovered up by bots.. Funnily enough I could have bought tickets for these seats at up to 8 times face value before midday the same day, obviously from people who had bought tickets and then remembered they had other things to do on the date of the concert (sarcasm alert!).
    I am sure this is something that will have come to your notice in your culture spokesperson role, and I would ask that if you have the chance, please take any available opportunity to highlight this odious practise and perhaps help put an end to it. I know some venues are turning fans away who have bought from these shysters, but that’s not really hurting the people who deserve to be punished, the legalised touts.
    I have attached a screengrab from the net which shows the extent of the profiteering that goes on. You’ll see that this is dated two weeks before presale [this was a concert by Within Temptation- tickets £25 plus booking fee] and advertises tickets on the secondary market that Viagogo don’t/can’t yet have. I actually bought my tix for just over £61 including fees. Look what Viagogo are charging! [£48 + 34% fees]”
    My MP is Brendan O’Hara, Argyll and Bute; I’ll let you know how I get on.
    Good Luck Fanfair. Glad to be onboard.

  179. Purchasing jingle bell ball tickets for O2 December 2017. Being online at the sale time 8am seemed feasible as I was about 7500 in the queue. As capacity is about 20000 I presumed I had a chance but by 8.22 the site said all tickets sold. Capital were quoting on their station that all tickets sold out in 42 minutes. What happened did Capital computers not realise they sold out in 22minutes or did they not realise they had been bought in bulk for resale? I was directed to viagogo and sold face value tickets of £49 for more than double the price. Why did Capital not have the tickets to sell? Why did they offer vip tickets in advance which I presume were sold on? Viagogo said there was no need for a seat number to be provided at the time of sale. It is a fraudulent business that needs to be stopped.

  180. I tried to buy Pearl Jam tickets today. I waited in a “waiting room” with my information and payment details completed before the 11:00 sale time and still failed to get them. From the numbers given on resale sites it seems that over half of the tickets were double their original price within twenty minutes. The corruption is so apparent it’s sickening, and having no idea how to tackle the problem so that next time your favourite band are on tour you can see them is frustrating.
    Though it would be reckless, I could technically afford an inflated ticket, but the longer I considered it the more I realise I don’t want to give money to those people. It’s paying a ransom, and if we all took that stand they would make no money.

  181. Hi. I recently bought two Bruno Mars tickets for Glasgow Green in July 2018. I was led to believe that these tickets were in short stock and high demand in the viagogo website as it was coming up with ‘searching for tickets and ‘5 people waiting’. I paid around £95 each for two ticket and including booking and other fees it’s came in around £250. I was gutted to fine these ticket were still ok general sale for £69 each. I’ve resold them on viagogo and getting less than £200 back and now have to wait until a week after the gig in July 2018 to receive payment?

  182. My partner purchased tickets from ‘viagogo’ which cost us $500. We are unable to attend the comedy show & also they are a lot cheaper priced! Found elsewhere. I am not paying $500 for two tickets is ridiculous & it’s a scam!

  183. Victory at last!! After daily texts to Viagogo and giving them every opportunity to do the right thing, I have been successful in getting a charge back from my bank. I discussed the problem on the phone and was sent a form to fill out with details of what had happened. I enclosed copies of the tickets which clearly stated that ID checks may be made but had someone else’s name on them! I also told them that if needed I could provide copies of texts from Viagogo stating that by inquiring from the Venue as to whether they would accept my tickets, I had invalidated them!!? As it happens the copy of the tickets were enough for me to get my money back. Yes it’s been exhausting and frustrating, but so worth it! A big thank you to Claire for her advice and to Adam for your encouragement. Keep going everyone, these people can’t win!

  184. We purchased 4 Chelsea football tix last night and were okay paying L360 as advertised on screen for the lot as it was a hospitality suite. However, once we purchased the tickets, we were shocked to see the final total bill amounted to L1705.15!! This amount included L360 PER TICKET plus VAT charges?

    We did not receive a final price break-down until AFTER the purchase AND presently, that price break down is no where to be found on our account page. When we click view details, we only get a summary page that lists the total amount paid. In addition, we have been told we cannot resell these tickets either. Hence we purchased these tickets under fraudulent practices. And now the company is not willing to resolve this issue for us.

    We will fight and use social media and all avenues open to us until we get a full refund.

  185. I purchased Coachella 2018 tickets in June 2017 believing I was buying through the official ticket sales page as that is the web address i entered. When I clicked on the buy tickets link on the page I was immediately sent to a page where I could select tickets and then entered a que counting down how long the tickets were available for as I waited to make my purchase. The tickets were $495 each I bought 2. I then did end of year accounting on that card and see that the billing for the tickets have a final price of $1724.95 on my card!!! The company is Viagogo and I looked into them and they are nothing to do with the official site I started on. They are basically horrendous according to the stories I am finding out.

    Firstly I would never buy resale tickets I was happily browsing the Coachella site and somehow when looking to purchase tickets I was redirected and ended up in a que for tickets that I believed was linked to the official ticket seller.

    Even more alarming I am reading that a majority of tickets that people purchase from viagogo end up being fakes and that they are not even granted entry to the gigs. Now I am travelling to America in a few months time and have to go with the mindset that I may get in to the festival or I may be rejected at the door and have to make the most of the holiday regardless.

    I am checking with my card provider that if I am in fact turned away that they are insured. I have also contacted the official site and google to tell them of the redirect and contacted Viagogo. However who knows if I will hear back from them.

    All I can say is I hope the tickets arrive in time, I hope they are real and fingers crossed I get the excessive booking fee refunded. PLEASE STAY CLEAR OF VIAGOGO my mission is to let as many people know so this does not happen to anyone else.

  186. I booked two tickets to Groves v Eubank as a Christmas gift on the 4th December, moving the booking confirmation to my email folder ‘concerts’.
    Christmas eve, I open the folder wanting to write the details of the booking in a Christmas card only to find instead of my booking confirmation this message ‘ sorry your session has expired, incase of booking confirmation login to your account’. I followed the account link only to find that the booking was not there!

    Worried that the session had timed out, I panicked and rebooked two more tickets. These have arrived and show on my account. The suprise was when my MasterCard bill arrived viagogo have taken a payment for the two tickets that weren’t booked then the payment again for the tickets I booked three weeks later.
    I have sent them copied of my bank statement but up to now can’t manage to get a refund. They are telling me that the first booking was booked to a gmail email account. I’ve even got them to let me change the password on this as they convinced me it was my account. Surprisingly it doesn’t exist!!

  187. On 28/12/2017, while “surfing” on the internet, I read a news that the SIMPLE MINDS were coming this 2018 to Spain. Instead of going directly to the source, the official page of the group, I searched for Google sale tickets S.M. and direct, and almost exclusively, I took to VIAGOGO, even another that I typed to check, once you requested the tickets I forwarded you to VIAGOGO. I entered then, and saw that it had 3 dates, one of them in Madrid, which is where I was interested. At all times (since there is nothing on the page that makes you see otherwise) I thought I was on a legal platform where they offered me official tickets. Start the purchase for S.M. for June 30, 18, they warned me that at that moment there are only 9 tickets left, and I encourage you to request two tickets on the track for 175 tickets. When I continue with the purchase process, the initial amount becomes, among management expenses, taxes and other charges, at 215.10, in total € 430.20.

    At that time, I decide not to continue with the purchase, but what is my surprise that I did not allow it. Feeling scammed, and thinking that I could not prove that I had canceled, but that the screen had not assumed it, and after receiving the message from VIAGOGO giving me the congratulations for my purchase, telling me that I will have the tickets three days before the event! and in the invoice it appeared to me without breaking down the amount of 430.20 €, with which, I did not even know what I had really paid for the entrance and what for taxes or expenses, I decided to look for information on consumer rights, in case there was some way to recover my money. I checked that the law allows you to request the cancellation within 14 days. In addition, sadly I discovered that the tickets that I had supposedly bought had not officially gone on sale, so, with that argument (which I did not need) I asked VIAGOGO to return the amount on the 29th.

    I came across the abusive clause that tells you that, once the transaction is made, does not allow cancellation, or even have a document to claim, the only solution they give you is to resell them on your platform “without any expense” . That is, they encourage you to sell some tickets that you don’t have, with the condition that if they do not reach your future buyer you will be solely responsible for it and the costs of the claim will be charged. Of course, I answered that I was not going to enter that game, but I still checked if what they told me was true, and, when I proceeded to sell my tickets (only to check if this time they said the truth) it turns out that they put me the price of the tickets, the seller’s rates, but it’s me! and, in the end, they told me that after the sale, I would receive 180 euros less than what I had paid. To my complaint that I had “sold” a non-existent tickets, it is then when they tell you, and you find out for the first time, that they have not sold me the tickets, but that they have put a seller in contact with me. That is, the official tickets have not come out for sale and yet there are supposed buyers who have already done with them and are reselling them? It sounds like organized SCAM. The fact is that I managed to get the organization of the Simple Minds event to send me a letter confirming that they have not gone on sale and have not yet negotiated who their official sales channel will be.

    Despite all this, neither my bank, to which I quickly requested the rejection of the invoice for unrecognized charges, nor, of course, Viagogo, allow me to recover my money.


    On 28/12/2017, while “surfing” on the internet, I read a news that the SIMPLE MINDS were coming this 2018 to Spain. Instead of going directly to the source, the official page of the group, I searched for Google sale tickets S.M. and direct, and almost exclusively, I took to VIAGOGO, even another that I typed to check, once you requested the tickets I forwarded you to VIAGOGO. I entered then, and saw that it had 3 dates, one of them in Madrid, which is where I was interested. At all times (since there is nothing on the page that makes you see otherwise) I thought I was on a legal platform where they offered me official tickets. Start the purchase for S.M. for June 30, 18, they warned me that at that moment there are only 9 tickets left, and I encourage you to request two tickets on the track for 175 tickets. When I continue with the purchase process, the initial amount becomes, among management expenses, taxes and other charges, at 215.10, in total € 430.20.

    At that time, I decide not to continue with the purchase, but what is my surprise that I did not allow it. Feeling scammed, and thinking that I could not prove that I had canceled, but that the screen had not assumed it, and after receiving the message from VIAGOGO giving me the congratulations for my purchase, telling me that I will have the tickets three days before the event! and in the invoice it appeared to me without breaking down the amount of 430.20 €, with which, I did not even know what I had really paid for the entrance and what for taxes or expenses, I decided to look for information on consumer rights, in case there was some way to recover my money. I checked that the law allows you to request the cancellation within 14 days. In addition, sadly I discovered that the tickets that I had supposedly bought had not officially gone on sale, so, with that argument (which I did not need) I asked VIAGOGO to return the amount on the 29th.

    I came across the abusive clause that tells you that, once the transaction is made, does not allow cancellation, or even have a document to claim, the only solution they give you is to resell them on your platform “without any expense” . That is, they encourage you to sell some tickets that you don’t have, with the condition that if they do not reach your future buyer you will be solely responsible for it and the costs of the claim will be charged. Of course, I answered that I was not going to enter that game, but I still checked if what they told me was true, and, when I proceeded to sell my tickets (only to check if this time they said the truth) it turns out that they put me the price of the tickets, the seller’s rates, but it’s me! and, in the end, they told me that after the sale, I would receive 180 euros less than what I had paid. To my complaint that I had “sold” a non-existent tickets, it is then when they tell you, and you find out for the first time, that they have not sold me the tickets, but that they have put a seller in contact with me. That is, the official tickets have not come out for sale and yet there are supposed buyers who have already done with them and are reselling them? It sounds like organized SCAM. The fact is that I managed to get the organization of the Simple Minds event to send me a letter confirming that they have not gone on sale and have not yet negotiated who their official sales channel will be.

    Despite all this, neither my bank, to which I quickly requested the rejection of the invoice for unrecognized charges, nor, of course, Viagogo, allow me to recover my money.

    1) Only proof of purchase. I do not have tickets
    2) Claim to VIAGOGO, I’m sorry, everything in Spanish
    3) Official document organizer event saying there have been no tickets left for sale

  188. The last time I bought tickets for Bruce Springsteen, I was logged on and as soon as tickets went on sale, the site crashed. When I finally managed to get on again, the best ones available were right at the back. Yet ten minutes later, very good seats were for sale on secondary sites for ten times the face value. Ridiculous!

  189. Viagigo took over 1000 usd of my account without my acceptance and never mailed any U2 tickets. This company still alive and scamming and no one does anything about this!!!!

  190. In the middle of a fight with Viagogo about Michael McIntyre tickets in Birmingham. I searched Google for The Ticket Factory, a Primary site that I trust, I was in a rush so clicked on the first site listed, not noticing it was ViaGogo, not The Ticket Factory.
    Because I had entered the artist’s name as well, the Viagogo pages did not identify that it was their site (you can only just see their name in faint grey type on a grey background at the bottom of the page, below where you would look).
    The price seemed reasonable for 4 tickets but I was put under real time pressure to move through the pages so I didn’t see until too late that the price was for each ticket! And on top of that they put huge charges!

    I feel such a fool for falling for this as I hate secondary ticket sellers, but as well as blaming myself, I blame Google and of course Viagogo.
    Viagogo have of course refused to refund me but only in a standard worded email that didn’t deal with the points I raised – they must get a lot of complaints so don’t botherr reading them!

    Not too happy with Barclaycard either as they have refused to cancel the charge on the basis that there is no evidence that Viagogo have overcharged me!

    Good luck to you in your efforts to rid us all of these shady operators – scum of the earth.

  191. It was all a mistake , at first my brother purchased 2 tickets for a show for 400$ and I didnt even know that he did so, 5 minutes after it he told me he did it and immediately I told it to Viagogo’s so called customer service and asked for a refund , their only answer was that they cant and if I want I can try to sell it on their site…
    Frustrated as hell since then

  192. Ticketmaster must think touting is fine if their resale site can sell tickets that are 3 times the value 4 minutes after the U2 general sale started. The people selling these tickets obviously could not attend and this is clearly a way of making money from true fans. This is appalling. There is a lot of talk about putting an end to this but not enough action

  193. I really wanted to see Jack White I was so excited he was playing London, he hasn’t been on tour for three years. I wanted the tickets for my son’s birthday.
    I went on the site on the 25th of January looking for tickets, they stated they were running low, not many left etc. So I should act quickly to get some. I paid over the face value , but didn’t know this as the face value wasn’t mentioned. Also as I hi to the last page they added a whopping £37 booking fee for each ticket. At this point I tried to cancel the he transaction, press cancel said I wasn’t happy but to no avail the funds were taken. Ok we need up paying over £500 for 4 tickets which should have cost just the over £250. I feel such as idiot, I contact my bank but they said they couldn’t cancel the order. I contact viagogo but they won’t give me the funds back. The worst thing is the tickets weren’t even on sale Monday night, they didn’t go on sale until Tuesday. I’m still trying I keep asking for a refund, have contacted citizen advice. The worst bit is I fought we will get the money back, that we won’t see Jack White play and it won’t be my son’s birthday present.

  194. I bought 2 tickets for the Rugby from Viagogo. They cost me over £450! When is received the tickets I saw, to my shock, that the face value was £65 each! They had made a profit of over £300. This is nothing but greed. I contacted them 2 times and got waffle replies. No explanation as to their mark up!
    I was ripped off and feel so stupid!

  195. A couple of weeks ago I was so excited when it was announced that U2 would be touring again. But once the excitement rushed through my body,the reality of trying to get a ticket became real.
    I am a regular concert goer and in the last 10 year’s approx I have only managed to get 1 ticket at face value.
    I have then been driven towards the secondary touting sites and it’s been a do or don’t situation. At first I would just pay for whatever came up, in fact I don’t think 10years ago I was clued up up about these rip off sites. I had idea I was quite possibly buying tickets from the “Super Touts”
    So getting back to U2, knowing how popular the tickets would be I investigated how and where I could purchase them as to stay ahead of the game.
    First place you could buy them frombefire general release was the fan club.It is my understanding that you have to join first with a £50/$50 joining fee. I declined to do that, not because I thought this was a rip off but I just felt that I may not get standing tickets as they were limited.I’m glad I never as friends of mine struggled to get the tickets they wanted, ie deemed poor positions in the arena, and they were the most expensive tickets on offer. I know that this has took the shine away for them as they wanted to be standing. But I guess you takes your chances and they have paid the price as on the ticket. So it proves that you don’t get the best tickets because your signed up to the fan club.
    After this event, I was surprised that if I googled U2 tickets I could buy them, but through the secondary websites. How wrong is that? Surely the super fan doesn’t want to give up their tickets? Well delving deaper I could see why as they weren’t the most desired tickets at the venue.
    On the 24/1/18 I registered onto another priority event O2.
    I required 3 tickets, so at 8:55am I scheduled my break at work.
    Prior to entering my details the information page said max 2 tickets.That put the mockers on everything! But I carried on regardless as my friends had asked me to help them get tickets, but said sort myself out first as I was going to attend on my own before they expressed an interest. I was unsuccessful, and that was that. I kept rehitting the button for at least 20minutes hoping tickets would magically appear.
    The following day it was Live nations turn, I had the same issue with their pre sales site as I was limited to buying 2 tickets only. By now I was frustrated with the whole experience.
    That evening I arrived home and my parents asked how did I get on.I told them of my disappointment but was kind of hopeful for the following day when the tickets went on general sale. I even booked the day off. My dad had been making a few enquiries and started showing me tickets, I told him he was looking at the secondary websites and that all the tickets had been marked up. I was tempted to just get a ticket, but really wanted to share the experience with my 2 close friends and all be together at the event.
    The evening before general sale, I asked my friends what their price per ticket limit was, as I explained that we may end up paying top ticket price as often we don’t get to chose your position it’s just what ever tickets your offered. I soon realised that this was causing us a problem. As our budgets differed. This wasn’t going to stop me trying though and i’m not disputing the price of the general sale tickets it’s just that it was looking like we had to try and get tickets around £100 per ticket mark. We all wanted standing tickets,priced at £79.95 each tickets were advertised as anything from £40-£207 approx. We were prepared to be seated though if within my friends lower budget. Failing getting the tickets within budget my friends told me to sort myself out first.
    Still determined to get all 3 of us there and be together, I was up early on the 26 January and I had an arena plan, I knew what tickets I was after and where. I logged on my 3 devices my phone, computer and Tablet (haha! not as sophisticated as “bots” unfortunately),the clock was ticking and dead on 9 o’clock I hit them buttons, a minute passed and I got offered my first lot of tickets but at top price!! Ahhh! Refreshed again and got offered obstructed view seats more expensive than standing ?
    I didn’t get a third chance and by now it was approx 9:10am.
    I kept trying till 9:30 I got offered VIP tickets several times but even I was outpriced!
    By now I had lost the will to live and as the song goes “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for !”
    So, I had some breakfast, and then logged back onto my tablet
    And started my searches through the secondary sites. I was shocked that within only40 minutes thousands of tickets had made their way to these sites.
    I found plenty of standing tickets and I was prepared to pay more than face value so I did it, I was not happy about this situation, and I couldn’t face the should have, could have, would have scenario if I didn’t.I contacted my friends and, they said it was too expensive for them, I felt gutted for them and it took away the shine for me. I have been left feeling guilty and numb all weekend when I should be over the moon.Later on, I kept trying for them determined, I could get seated tickets within their budget but again the reason why there was lots of these tickets left was because they had restricted views.
    I was left speechless around 1pm, as standing tickets with a general admission price of £79.95 were selling at £1320 !!!!!!(screen shots to proof it).
    The whole experience is something I never wish to have to go through,as the chances of buying face value tickets is very small these days. It’s stopping the real fans get the tickets they want.
    I recently read about a new piece of legislation that has been drafted but I have no idea when this is going to be looked at.
    Sick of the supertouts having the upper hand!!
    I don’t understand why years ago it was made illegal for the man on the street to sell a handful of tickets at a marked up price, but its acceptable for this secondary touting to be allowed at such a monstrous scale and is currently legal and been going on for years.
    I have started my own petition as I feel so strong about this.
    I am ashamed to say that I was “putty in the hands” of these people and feel ripped off. I just want to be able to buy a ticket with my friends without this ordeal!

  196. Rip Off Company Viagogo – I thought I was paying £180 or so for tickets to see Jeff Lynne’s ELO at Birmingham on the 13th May. Before I knew it I had clicked pay and suddenly realised I had paid £250. This in my view is cheating. Tried to contact by phone but impossible as they only provide a number for those not receiving tickets with three days or so to go before the concert. I emailed them reminding me of my rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations – which came into force on 13 June 2014 and implement the Consumer Rights Directive – give customers of online merchandisers, rights when shopping online.

  197. NFL UK put their tickets on sale today for the two Wembley games. These were only available for previous season ticket holders to renew their tickets for this year. I went online just as the tickets went on sale and I found my previous seat was no longer available. Instead of a front row seat in Block 2 at the 45 yard line, I’ve ended up with row 2 at the 40 yard line. It’s even worse for other fans. The whole of section 226 is greyed out, and fans are being stopped from renewing their tickets there. Ticketmaster has completely messed this up.
    Worse still, tickets were on sale on Viagogo fifteen minutes after they went on sale on Ticketmaster – and for areas that I couldn’t get tickets for! Not only that. Viagogo appear to be offering tickets for the White Hart Lane game when they aren’t going to go on sale until April because the seat configurations are not yet known.
    As for the WHL game, NFLUK have stated that season ticket holders will be restricted to the same number of seats for that game as they bought for Wembley. I wanted to bring a friend along to WHL, but he can’t come to Wembley. Effectively, I’m being told that if I want two tickets for WHL, I must buy two for Wembley and then sell one on. No I didn’t do that, because I’m not a tout. However NFLUK’s policy is making touts out of ordinary fans who don’t want to be touts. They need to be told to sort this out.

  198. Every time I fancy going to a concert these days (which is not often) I think these “re-sellers” must have been outlawed by now. Still end up disappointed. I first got ripped off in 2009 by Seatwave to see U2, when I thought they were the primary sellers. I now very rarely bother going at all.

  199. As I’m currently being treated for cancer and as a result suffer from chemo brain I fell for the flashing countdown on the site.. and the constant reminder that tickets were going at a rate of knots.
    It was only when I got to check out that the total price was given and by that time I had a minute to book “at that prices. I panicked and paid..
    Tickets arrived today
    Face value £40 per ticket, total price paid £240 give or take a couple of pence. Not even the best seats as promised.
    How is this company still allowed to trade.. surely there are laws to allow people to change their minds on purchases when they realise that they are being ripped off.

  200. I discovered that the tickets I bought on Viagogo for Stricly Live at the O2 (at too high a price – my fault entirely) were right at the back of the upper tier, only the section having been given in the description. I decided to re-sell, as my wife would have had great difficulty in climbing the steps, but, despite being asked to do so, could not upload them, so they were withdrawn from sale early as they were deemed undeliverable. I lost all my money, obviously.
    I bought replacements on Stubhub, the official resellers for the O2 at a much lower rate of commission.
    I have learned a valuable but expensive lesson. Partly my fault, but I will avoid Viagogo like the plague in future.

  201. I bought two tickets for Erasure at Liverpool phillamonic Hall for feb 2018. I paid £293 for the tickets. When they arrived the full value of the tickets were £60.00 each!!!! What a rip off. How can these sites (Viagogo) get away with it and charge so much. I know now to stay away from this site imparticular. People work hard to go out and have nice things and they get ripped off by these people. Disgusting!!!

  202. I live in India and for the first time after considering it for years, decided I would make the trip to Primavera Sound in Barcelona this year. I purchased my tickets on Viagogo, which to start off charged me a more than hefty booking fee which really should be monitored. One of the most frustrating part of this booking process is the ticker right on top that constantly prompts you saying that there are other people waiting for the same tickets and the ticker causes you to grow more anxious, and I must say, great marketing strategy for tricking people into doing something because it certainly got me to buy my ticket at a much higher cost than I could have purchased it for even on the official website. While every other customer on reliable websites receive their tickets immediately, Viagogo claims that I will receive my ticket upto 3 days prior to the event. This 100% hurts my travel application process and their customer care is absolutely no help.