Declaration against online ticket touts

Industrial-scale online ticket touting is ripping off fans. It is also hugely damaging to artists at all levels of their careers and to music businesses across the board.

Because UK consumer law is not currently enforced, touts can act with impunity and under the cloak of anonymity: hacking into online ticketing systems, scalping inventory, inflating prices and profiteering via under-regulated resale sites.

We urgently need Government to address these failings and make legislation effective for the digital age.

It is also imperative that music businesses show leadership and do everything they can to grow the primary market, and to help fans buy or exchange tickets at their face value.

As supporters of the FanFair Alliance we will:

  1. Take measures that ensure ‘primary’ tickets reach true fans. Fans should pay no more than the original face value price. This is the price set by the event organiser (and displayed on the ticket) plus any service fee agreed in advance between the venue / promoter and the designated primary ticket seller. We also support exchange or resale of tickets at face value.
  2. Require that primary ticket sellers take all possible measures to keep inventory away from resale websites that support pricing above face value.
  3. Require that primary ticket sellers monitor sales ledgers for signs of activity by touts, and cancel those transactions accordingly.
  4. Support progressive technology that aims to boost primary sales, promote ‘face-value’ ticket exchange or reduce the activities of touts. 
  5. Support pro-consumer legislation that will regulate the practices of secondary ticketing platforms and force them to show corporate responsibility.

FanFair Alliance

Signed By:

Adam Mason, Nutickets

Adam Tudhope, Everybody’s

Alanah Murphy, TicketText

Alec McKinlay, Ignition Management

Alex Bruford, ATC Live

Alison Lamb, Prolifica Management

Alison Wenham, Association of Independent Music

Amanda Playle, Closer Artists Management

Andy Cleary, Active Ticketing

Andy Duggan, Primary Talent

Andy Smith, From the Fields

Andy Spence, ATC

Angus Baskerville, Pure

Annabella Coldrick, Music Managers Forum

Ant Carr, Modest! Management

Ashton Addison, EventChain

Barney Crockford, Crockford Management

Ben Sebborn, Skiddle

Ben Walter, Billetto

Ben Winchester, Primary Talent International

Brian Message, ATC

Brian Molko, Placebo

Caius Pawson, Young Turks

Charlie Myatt, 13 Artists

Charlotte Dunckley, Ticket Tannoy

Chris Rogers, Fat Penguin Management

Christiaan Munro, Sandbag

Claire Courtney, Earth Agency

Claire Southwick, Transgressive Producers

Clare Blacklock, Heaven07 Management

Clarisse Quinn, ATC

Colin Lester, Jem Artists

Colin Mableson, Ticketline

Dani Simmonett, United Talent Agency

Daniela Grecnerova, Tootoot

Danielle Brownsill, The Sugarmill

Danny Rogers, Lunatic Entertainment

Dave Newton, WeGotTickets

David Manders, Liquid Management

Dean Richardson, ATC

Debra Downes, Dawson Breed Music

Domingo Tjornelund, Ticket Zone

Eamonn Forde

Eliza Doolittle, ATC

Elliot Baddeley, Keypz Ltd

Elliot Chalmers, Independent Music Law Advice

Emil Ionescu, iabilet

Erik Nielsen, Wingnut Music

Finn Pegler, GemTicket

Filip Vuckovic, Northwind Promotion

Gary Howard, United Talent Agency

Geoff Meall, United Talent Agency

Greg Marshall, Association For Electronic Music

Graham Filmer, Youthquake

Harry Magee, Modest! Management

Henry Brown, Ticket Quarter

Horace Trubridge, Musicians’ Union

Ian McAndrew, Wildlife Entertainment

Iain Watt, Machine Music

Jai Shaw, ATC

Jake MccGwire, Evopass

James Barnett, Openstage

James Barton, The Blue Team

James M Taylor, Festival Republic

James O’Mullan, Eventim UK Ltd

James Reynolds, The Ticket Fairy

Jamie Emsell, Communion Music Group

JC Caddy, JCC Management

Joel Crouch, Eventbrite

John Baron Kent, Honeytone Recordings

Jon Hockley, The Artist Potential

Jonny Dawson, ATC

Jose San Miguel, Nutickets

JP Duncan, ATC

Justine Young, ATC

Kavon Soltani, Aventus Systems

Kelly Lee Owens, ATC

Kerry Harvey-Piper, Red Grape Music Ltd

Lee Booth, Venueserve

Liam Spencer, Artery Global AG

Lily Crockford, Crockford Management

Luc Behar, SecuTix SA

Lucy Dickens, WME

Marcus Russell, Ignition Management

Marie Goldman, Piktical

Mark Davyd, Music Venue Trust

Mark Gasson, Gigantic

Mark Meharry, Music Glue

Mark Smith, Intune Addicts

Matt Greer, ATC

Matt Jones, Songkick

Matthew O’Shea, TicketAid

Maz Tappuni, Communion Music Group

Mel Maxwell, Sandbag

Melinda Molnar, Nutickets

Mike Bawden, Wild Dog Management

Mo Jones, TheTicketSellers

Neil Tomlinson, The Entertainment Agents’ Association

Niall Barclay, Scarlet Mist

Nick Mills, TicketText

Nick Sabine, Resident Advisor Tickets

Paul Boyd, Polar Flame Creative Management

Paul Clements, PRS for Music

Paul Craig, Nostromo Management

Paul Crockford, Crockford Management

Paul Ingleby, UEA Students’ Union

Paul Hutton, Crosstown Concerts

Paul Pacifico, Featured Artists Coalition

Paul Reed, Association of Independent Festivals

Paul Wilson, CAA

Pete McGaughrin, Red Light Management

Peter Main, Scarlet Mist

Phil Hutcheon, DICE

Phil Middleton, ATC

Odhrán McIntaggart, Citizen Ticket

Reshad Hossenally, Ticket Arena & Event Genius

Ric Salmon, ATC

Richard Davies, Twickets

Richard Jones, Key Music Management

Riley Ramone, Ticketlab

Rob Challice, CODA Agency

Rob Wilmshurst, See Tickets

Rod Smallwood, Phantom Management

Rowan Brand, RGB

Roy Eldridge, UROK Management

Ruth Barlow, Beggars Group

Sam Eldridge, UROK Management

Shura, ATC

Simon Humphrey, Southbank Centre

Stephen Taverner, East City Management

Steve Parker, Miracle Artists

Steve Zapp, ITB

Steven Dobesh, True-Tickets

Steven Ibinson, Corethree

Stuart Camp, Rocket Music

Stuart Galbraith, Kilimanjaro

Stuart Cain, The Ticket Factory

Sybil Bell, Independent Venue Week

Tim Holmes, Kaboodle

Tina Edwards, / DHP Family

Toby Donnelly, ATC

Tony Platt, Platinum Tones

Vikram Talla, Uvent

Vick Bain, British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors

Wendy Frost, West4 Music

Zan Lawther, The Lounge Kittens

Zoe Poster, Bristol Ticket Shop


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