As a result of an in-depth ‘Phase 2’ investigation, the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) have today provisionally raised  competition concerns following Viagogo’s $4.05bn acquisition of StubHub.

The CMA has set out potential options for addressing its provisional concerns, which include requiring Viagogo to sell all or part of StubHub.

In reaching this provisional decision, the CMA states that it analysed a wide range of evidence in regards to how closely these firms compete, including examining the extent to which ticket resellers use both companies’ platforms, the prices and fees charged for resold tickets and the companies’ internal documents.

The CMA also engaged with customers, competitors, and other stakeholders to inform its findings – including FanFair Alliance.

Full detail of the decision can be found here.

Those wishing to comment on the CMA’s findings can make written representations by 5th November 2020 to

In response to the announcement, FanFair Alliance commented:

FanFair Alliance welcomes today’s provisional findings. 

Though poorly-timed and focussed predominantly on the US market, Viagogo’s $4.05bn acquisition of StubHub raises acute competition concerns in the UK. We are pleased the CMA has recognised this.

Ultimately, the merger would bestow a hugely controversial business monopoly status in this country, and risk unpicking some significant progress made over recent years to clean up the secondary ticketing market.

We now look forward to submitting further views to the CMA about both their findings and potential remedies.